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Yay. True. But is it still unhealthy if I just like looking at all the pretty pictures, and enjoying ordinary people who get dressed to the Nine's (or Thirteens?)?

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The tackiest thing about my upcoming wedding is that circumstances made it such that we didn't get to have the OB Brid-iest wedding we wanted. It got changed from an awesome Halloween (my birthday) foggy afternoon wedding in a Pacific Northwest Treehouse to an evening backyard Labor Day wedding in North Dakota. We're still pushing away the more traditional expectations of my family, and trying to reconcile ourselves that this one is for the parents~but in my own little dark hole I despair that this will be a tacky wedding---that *I* will find it tacky. I'm hoping, Hoping, HOPING that with a little help from friends and a brother in theatre, that we will transform it into a beautiful day that reflects me and my groom. And no references to tacky will abound.