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Hey Glen,
I couldn't find it either. If I run across it in my MP3 library, illy let you know. Crazy to think that was 10 years ago already!!

Blessings to you!


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Liz, I just saw this! Thank you so much for coming and visiting us on Easter. I hope you and your family enjoyed your time sitting in a chair and not a pew :)
Have a great week and remember there will be no church service this weekend due to the Iron Man Race. We will BE The Church and serve our community. Would love to have you or Kevin join us, but I understand how it gets complicated with kids. Have a great week! - Kasey

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Sorry I am just now getting back with you. My email notifications were switched off for comments. You bet, I'll copy it to a new doc and DM you the link on twitter.

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Thanks Devin! Hope you had a good Christmas and a great New Year! Make the best of it.

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Thanks Haley! He is definitely a fun dude.

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It was a good time. Those guys are diamonds in the rough.

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Thank you so much for the encouragement Debbie!

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Thanks Matt!

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He described it as this: instead of just sending money to help someone, give of your time and physically be present in helping them.

He talked about it in the idea of missions and a couple of other contexts.

Does that help clarify it?


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Thanks bra!