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"normally when proteins are put on sale, they are as much as 50% off so by buying a family size package on sale, you are saving a larger percentage of money than if you bought a regular size package not on sale."

On sale is cheaper than not on sale? Saving 50% per pound is more than saving 0% (not on sale) per pound? She thought of that all by herself? And she thinks people really need to be told that? Amazing. The "too much" is that someone is arrogant enough to think they are the only one to figure out the obvious.

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I use IE7 and IE 8. I have also tried Netscape and Flock/Firefox. It does not work ANYWHERE.

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If you mean the little pochettes, she posted that recipe on her Facebook page. She rates it as super easy and it looks very doable. She says it only takes about a half hour to prep and 15 minutes to cook.

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And the worst thing about putting a number to it is, what happens when food prices skyrocket unexpectely between the time the show tapes and it airs? It's a moving target. They are just asking for failure...

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I think we are all in agreement that the $10 idea was not good. What surprises me is that the FN did exactly what they told Katie not to do. They kept reminding her that we want to cook healthy but we do not want to hear about it. We also want to cook affordable meals, but we do not want to be reminded that times are tough. Eating good food we prepare ourselves is one of the few remaining luxuries we can enjoy and give to our family.

Please rethink the theme of the show. $10 Dinners, no, Luxury for Less YES!

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No cleavage??? How can you cut meat without a Meat Cleavage...

What?...Oh.....Well...That's Different... Never Mind!

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As for her “outcooking" everyone else on the show, that is not necessarily the case nor will we ever know as we could not taste the dishes for ourselves. Her dishes were called dry or lacking flavor on multiple occasions. The reality is, she and Jeffrey were the only 2 that did not self destruct.

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It it’s not so much that Melissa’s recipes are too simple. They just do not seem incredibly original. She made a classic French bacon potato gruyere tart. Her black bean recipe looks a lot like the one on my package of beans. Affagato is not an original concept. There are numerous baked egg recipes online and in several of my cookbooks. Her 4 step “rustic” chicken is Chicken Francese with an onion so the 4 step technique was not her invention (it is also the base for chicken/veal picatta and several other classic recipes). Giada already has a parmesan and green onion drop biscuit recipe so there’s nothing new there. Rachael cooks in a muffin tin (meat loaves – yummo…sorry) and the potato recipe itself was nothing new. I have had many Vermont Cheddar burgers. Dried dates in couscous is a cliché as is orzo with lemon and thyme. It just seems odd that others were called out for not being original yet she is called a genius.

I can get recipes online or in magazines for myself. I want to see something different that I am not likely to come across on my own.

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Thinking outside the box and having the resources to execute it in the time allotted are 2 different things. It's easy for us to sit in the comfort of our living room and second guess. Absurd "Dinner Impossible" challenges do not test any skill and are horribly disrespectful to the guests for whom the food was being prepared. If FN really wanted to test the contestants, the ingredients would have been more fair, rather than some people getting very run of the mill combinations that allowed them to make their existing recipes with only minor changes, while others were given an sufficient quantity and absurd combinations that required planning to execute. And if FN really intended to do something nice for the returning troops, they would have spent a DAY making a REAL MEAL with real ingredients. Not many people would like blueberries and lobster combined in any fashion.

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Well, what is cold lobster with blueberries?

Cooking time for lobster Veronique for 2 (2 lobsters only) 20 min prep and 20 min cooking (according to other recipes, not my own numbers). Also, there were not NEARLY enough lobsters for the number of people he had to feed. I'm surpised there was enough for one bite per person.