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Obama claims that he was born in Hawaii. He probably believes it. But what would he say if you asked him what color the drapes were in that room where he was born? He would not remember, because infants do not remember things like that. They don't even know language or geography when they are born. So why would we believe him about where he was born? He wasn't paying attention. All he knows about his place of birth is what he was told about it. And the people who told him those things are saying that the truth is different from what they told him (such as easter bunny, santa claus, etc.) How is this so hard?

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It would appear that this subversive, anti-truth, anti-rights element is depending on the inertia of law-abiding people to keep on following the rules, while they change those same rules for themselves.

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Be sure to read this part in the original article: "HSAs [this company's plan] are a favorite of conservative health economists, who see the plans as a way to control costs by leaving spending decisions to individual consumers.

So this private sector plan to control healthcare costs, which is rising in popularity from 1 million to 10 million paying customers in 2 years, is being put out of business thanks to the government solution.

The government is not looking out for me. FAIL

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OK. Name-calling is the easiest way to shut me up. Off I go.

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Wouldn't it just be easier to take away their First Amendment rights?

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The game that you showed us is no different in the disregard for life that we heard when Cheney accidentally shot his hunting partner. You laughed about that, remember?

You are a hypocrite. Any side issues such as pregnant anchor baby-mommas is superfluous and attempting to stir up emotions in vulnerable female readers. Shame on you.

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...and also don't forget that being right about this kind of thing gives you nothing more than a hollow victory. This man, this poser, has the force of law behind him, not because of what is written, but because of the enfranchised useful idiots who continue to tolerate this abuse upon them. They probably don't know any better.

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Let's not be surprised that these public servants would break these laws. Remember why these laws were created in the first place: to prevent or punish these elected officials when they fail to look out for the best interests of The People. It really is that simple.