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I believe that comments are a 'platform', and an incredibly rich data source. But the way they have traditionally been presented is awfully limiting. I mean, the idea that they are displayed as a chronological (or reverse) list SEEMS logical. But it's not particularly helpful. I want to see the BEST comments, the most active, the controversial ones, the ones which attracted the most interest etc. So I believe the next step is to effectively 'filter' these comments and ensure they rise to the top. This is what makes for richer discussion. I am actually working on a related concept right now and have many other ideas, so maybe there's scope for a further chat :D

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Very interesting move. Been following the Comments Wars from afar and think this tilts it back to you guys. The Disqus social commenting move is a bit of a re d herring. I don't think it's about aggregating comments, increasingly it's about richer, filtered commentary.

ps - when I click on the 'Posted by Michael Koenig' link it tries to send me to his profile but instead sends me to 404 error at http://is.gd/m7Zn