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403 weeks ago @ Blogstorm - May Day Update increas... · 0 replies · +2 points

I'm looking into this a the moment as my traffic has seen a drop since May Day but enquiries have increased and of course, I love to know why.

The other thing was (and this may have no relevance or relation to the update) my PageRank increased to a 5.

I haven't delved into the analytics as yet but hope to find time this week and see what comes of it!

430 weeks ago @ 10e20 - Why You (Might) Need a... · 0 replies · +1 points

Well Anna, you could consider one for the simple reason that a fresh set of eyes might help you spot things that have been overlooked or just to brainstorm new applications and strategies from another perspective.

For example, I would mention that you might want ot consider adding some share this buttons on your blog posts in on blog.oxagile to allow that information to market itself a little more with very little effort or you could make some changes to add in some more "humanisation" to the site overall as it has a very corporate feel and this can in turn make it a little unapproachable.

Also you could consider adding twitter profiles for your staff on the country contact pages to open up opportunities for marketing and support requests in tandem.

You might disagree of course and have your reasons for not doing these but that's just an example of little points that can make a difference in Social Media.