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Its amazing how quickly these Hamas supporters have gathered in so many different countries. Its almost as if they were PREPARED for this outcome!

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Did you know she was married to Edgar Bronfman of the drinks and entertainment fortune? and has a child by him? Yes I do mean the singer who calls herself MIA and her father WAS involved with the Tamil Tigers. She and her mother had to leave Sri Lanka and they lived in London before going to the US.

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@tonyurquart: well ETA is now being trained in Venezuela.

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Message to all psycho-Jew-haters: WE are waiting for YOU with open "arms"!

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This is a post from London re Pakistani paedofiles attacking underage girls.

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"What's sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander!" An English saying that applies here.

However, I disagree that muslims are more "vulnerable" than Catholics. I have not seen evidence that Catholics start riots when someone draws a cartoon of the Pope.

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This lady writes "...there is something new in today's confrontation, that is, muslim immigrants from different countries now exist in their own lands..."

What does this convoluted sentence mean? Muslims coming from different countries now exist in countries that are NOT their own lands! The complete opposite of what Ms Nilufer Gole states!

This kind of writing is classic taqqiya in that it sets out to mislead people, in this case by talking nonsense but meaning something else. This kind of writing reminds me of the sort of nonsensical sentence-structure "Professor" Tariq Ramadan of Oxford University specialises in.

The Turks have just carried out an air-raid on Kurds in Iraq: they have invaded a sovereign country in order to massacre some people they don't like, but whose lands the Ottoman Turks stole/colonised.

Ms Gole does not mention this outrageous attack nor the fact that Europeans don't go round mounting air attacks on immigrants that come to their countries.

The West is and always will be superior to muslim countries - as far as I know Islam has contributed NOTHING to world progress. They copy but they do not initiate or invent.

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We should all enter this; we will draw the end of islam, mecca, medina ALL muslime colonies being nuked back to the stone age!

Thank you for posting this! I will be preparing some images of islamaggedon!

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Actually, I gave up my nokia phone last july when the Iranian Green revolution found out that nokia was supplying technology to spy on the demonstrators.

I do not hate all Finns, only those that allow muslims free-rein in Finland. And no doubt taxes that are paid to the Finnish government, by Nokia, go to propping up the muslims who do no work but have many children and attack the Finnish people.

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No More Nokia for me.