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Zia is totally correct. Ross is an Obama-Rahm Emanual Administration token neo-con! Actually, what Ross is saying is the US should destroy the current regimes surrounding Israel - leaving Israel in control of the US installed regimes. Perhaps then Israel will "talk" peace with the new Arab regimes. Politicians accept campaign contributions for "a special relationship" with Israel -- US taxpayers resent money given to a one religion, aparthied, racist state such as Israel.

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The question Eppie is which empire -- the aggresive capturiing of territory from Arab nations in order to establish "biblical Israel" and rule the Middle East or the exercise of power by the US for the benefit of Israel's goals? Do not forget that the United States has declared borders -- Israel will not declare or recognize any borders as a country. The US Government is being corrupted by a small population within its borders.

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Thanks to Mr. Giraldi and to anyone who will provide information to him. Americans must be made aware of what is happening to our country. No Israeli is credible when giving advice on the Middle East. If Petraeus does not listen to his own selected emissary, then the US is in trouble! Lani Kass can only offer a biased opinion which is of no benefit to the United States. One wonders if the Joint Chiefs of Staff work for the American taxpayers or for whom? Is she a member of AIPAC?

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Ayalon's should be able to negotiate peace without the pressure of using US taxpayers dollars to continue aggressively taking Palestians' land. Moreover, the US should remove all tax dollars provided Israel, thus removing the pressure of using US weapons which are, by US law, restricted for only defensive purposes! Remove all financial aid to Israel. Therefore, Ayalon will have no pressure from the US, and consequently the US will have the number reason for terrorist acts committed against it removed. Israel consistently wants "peace" along with all the territory, water, and control of Arab countries. Ayalon is insulting every American taxpayer with his statement that pressure will not bring peace. Israel as well will not bring peace by occupation and taking land from the indigenous Palestinians!

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the fact that Israel agents were in the United States following the perpetrators who committed the acts of 9/11, the Trade Towers and Pentagon, and has not been investigated by the US Government is suspect. Paul Craig Roberts is correct to be suspicious! Were any Israel citizens deported to Israel after 9/11? What happened to the Israeli citizens in New Jersey cheering the attacks -- what were they specifically cheering? The American public needs definitive answers. What about Netanyahu's remarks that he knew an attack was forthcoming and therefore did not travel? He should be interogated for those remarks. There is still much to be investigated and learned from the 9/11 attacks. Any sane person would dismiss the nonsense that Bush and Cheney propagated -- they are jealous of our way of life-- reasons! All Americans need answers to the above. Roberts is correct in asking for more information concerning why Israelis were in this country spying on those who committed the crimes and what information did the Israelis gain and how much was shared with the US.

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Not included in that $1.6 trillion is all of the Israeli loans that were never repaid and cancelled by Congress. The public will never be told the truth about all of the money Israel receives. (1) Israel is allowed to bid on all US Government contracts in competition with US companies. (2) Israel does not comply with any trade agreements made with the US to the detriment of Americans. (3) The US pays Israel to stockpile weapons and maintain military equipment (4) Israel is the one country that has spied and continues to spy on the US which has brought great harm to the US. (5) Israel copies US technology and sells it to countries to whom the US will not sell betraying US contractors. (6) Israel has not abided by any United Nations Resolutions (perhaps 60 or more) and the US has used its veto for Israel more than any other country in the world. (7) Israel receives cash which is laundered and used to buy influence with US politicians, i.e., using US tax dollars for the purpose that no US politician will vote against giving more money to Israel. (8) Any money given as a contribution to Israel is tax deductible from US taxes owed. The list goes on and on........

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The defense argument that the politicians must tax US citizens in order to give Israel military armaments which will keep our defense contractors developing more weapons. There happens to be a better way -- SELL to a far larger market --the Asian, Arab and Persion nations. We will not have to give money to any of them in order to buy US drones, airplanes and weapons. After all, Israel uses the US technology to build and sell to these nations to which the US has promised the Israelis it will not sell weapons. US constituents can be kept workiing, fat and happy,

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I have tried to registrer a "thumb up" for radii's comments. However, it registered as a negative. All aid to Israel should be stopped -- the US is borrowing the money given to Israel. The US taxpayers receive a slap in the face and subjugation to Israel's agressions for their sacrifices. This money should be used to reduce US debts. Please be aware that many comments are wiped out before they can be sent.

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MvGuy, your "Not acceptable" comments are valid and have a large audience. There is much to be investigated concerning taxing Americans so that Israel can launder the tax dollars she receives and provide campaign dollars to the US Congress which then votes more cash for Israel. Israel and her supporters have consistently placed the interests of the US second to those of Israel. Consequently, 300 million US citizens are subjugated to the interests of 5 million Israelis! A war with Iran will bankrupt the US, as well as make it a target for aggression.

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The US receives only 10% of oil from Middle Eastern countries. Canada, Mexico and Venzeula supply 90% of the oil used by the US. However, the US has guaranteed oil for Israel as well as guaranteeing that Israel will not have unemployment beyond 7%. US citizens suffer 10% to 15% unemployment. Politicians of both parties have sold out US constutents, except supporters of Israel.