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you will soon be banned from antiwar! you must not complain!

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The staff at antiwar.com are part of the problem with raising funds. There is harrassment in writing comments such as an editor request that 10 written lines contain too many words; therefore, comments must be broken into two separate comments. Once the comments have been divided as requested, the message is sent that comments must be broken into three segments. This is "game playing" with Antiwar respondents. Also, are articles by Antiwar staff presenting AIPAC's propaganda that "Israel is not pressuring the U.S. concerning Iran" really news? Actually, the offending comments which the editor would not allow were concerns voiced by Senator Fulbright in Senate hearings held before he lost his seat to Dale Bumpers.

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The debt is negligible and not a consideration by the U.S. Government. Even if Iran waived a "white flag", it would not deter Israel from dictating to the U.S. that regime change must occur in Iran. The nuclear weapons or uranium enrichment debate is a farce. Israel, through its AIPAC lobby, has dictated to the U.S. Government that there must be regime change in Iran. Subsequently, this will prove its control of U.S. foreign policy and prove to the rulers of all Middle Eastern countries its hegemonic authority over their ability to govern.

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The "Roger" comments rate a high "165" by an Antiwar editor but has thus far drawn a minus 14 by the readers. This proves the ratings editors provide are meaningless. Roger, you provide no evidence PATRIOTHERE is Iranian friendly because he states the obvious -- the United States Government must start treating other nations with respect.

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The U.S. Congress has just passed legislation that does the opposite of your suggestions. Specifically, the legislation (which may already be U.S. law) states it is the policy of the United States to: (1) reaffirm U.S. commitment to the security of Israel as a "Jewish state", (2) provide Israel the military capabilities to deter and defend itself against any threats, (3) veto any one-sided "anti-Israel" resolutions at the United Nations, (4) support Israel's right to self defense, (5) expand cooperation with Israel in both defense and civilian sectors which includes cooperation in high technology, agriculture, medicine, health, pharmaceuticals, and energy, and (6) assist Israel with its efforts to forge a negotiated settlement of the israeli-Palestinian conflict that results in two states ... and encourage Isreal's neighbors to recognize Israel's right to exist as a "Jewish state". The term "cooperation" is not defined in the legislation, but if past is prologue, it gives Israel the right to bid on any U.S. goverment contracts in the area of high technology, pharmaceuticals, etc. and demand that latest U.S. technology is shared with Israel.

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Unlike Israel, oil companies have not been lobbying for "regime change" in Iran. Unlike Israel, oil companies have a history of working amicably with Muslim countries. Unlike Israel, oil companies have not occupied Arab territory. Unlike Israel, oil companies were not insisting upon taking out Saddam Hussein and bringing democracy to Iraq. Glaser is ignoring the most troublesome part of the picture.

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While Netanyahu continues to refer to Munich and Hitler, the zionists have absolutely adapted Nazi tactics to subvert justice and suppress freedoms of speech and actions provided in constitutional government. Justice is better served if the American couple would have sued in the Israeli courts because Israel did not provide sufficient protection for their son considering the fact that Israel has committed acts of terrorism against the Palestinians which would bring acts of reprisal.

There is also the case of the California University system subverting freedom of speech exercised in classrooms and on the campuses. It seems that U.S. citizens are being threatened by Israeli supporters to prohibit their consitutional guarantee of free speech. This case sould be brought before the U.S. Supreme Court for a decision in this particular incident.

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There are 401 Members of the House of Representatives who are either too STUPID to represent the interests of U.S. citizens -- or -- have received campaign dollars and assured themselves that AIPAC will support a non-critical press in exchange for their vote. With all the problems facing the citizens of this country, we have a representative government that refuses to face realiity and will sell a vote in order to subjugate the interests of their constituents to the demands of a foreign nation. The media is also to blame for this state of affairs as it ignores this farce. Those 401 who voted yea under a "suspension calendar" for this resolution should be replaced as they are not qualified to serve U.S. citizens who have to bear the consquences for their mistakes!

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The United States, supposedly the beacon of democracy, has two criteria for enforcement of U.S. laws. If you are a citizen solely of the United States, such as a Bradley Manning, you are prosecuted to the highest possible degree for an infraction of U.S. law. If you hold dual citizenship with Israel, U.S. judges seem to find superficial reasons not to prosecute. It had to be known to U.S. officials that Shapiro (who was a zionist and in charge) was shipping enriched uranium to Israel. There was a laughable explanation that only at this processing center the missing uranium was lost in pipes during enrichment. Shipiro and his accomplices were allowed to escape to Israel without being indicted. There are countless other instances where U.S. Israeli sympathizers have circumvented U.S. laws and not been prosecuted. AIPAC is one example.

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There is a difference between the criminal killing of Indians and Palestinians. The Indians had only smoke signals as a means of communication. Other nations were not aware of the rape and stealing of Indian land. Therefore, Indians did not receive support from other nations or far away tribes. Indians were not educated and aware of the manufacturing revolution. At the time of Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, the indiginous population of Palestine was educated and had established a governing system. There were differences in dress and language, yet many spoke English as Palestine was a mandate of Great Britain. The United States provided many of the armaments the Israelis used to initiate a war against the Palestinians in 1948 while the British controlled the Palestinians' access to arms with which to defend themselves.

In the eighteenth century, colonization was rampant among European countries.