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Ah... so you advocate him shutting down DC commerce anytime he needs to get to the airfield? (Which is VERY often.) Yeah... that makes complete sense, and that's not even the part of your rant that makes the least sense.

There's a little thing called security... you don't put the president in random civillian craft nor do you let said craft land on the White House lawn.

From your comments it's painfully obvious you don't have the slightest clue as to what you're talking about (such as the com package) so why bother with such long winded posts?

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That's what got the AF in trouble the last time... they went with the Airbus aircraft which was FAR outside the limits of the original RFP.

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This could go either way... it may be a publicity stunt, or it could be an honest mistake. A company like Apple would have to do some real-world testing, simply testing in a lab in Cupertino wouldn't be enough. It's plausible one of the developing engineers would have it out and about... I hope for Gary's sake it was a planned leak knowing Apple's reputation for this sort of thing. Gizimodo publishing the guys name was a low-class move.

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There is no private space company that is anywhere close to being able to compete with the established infrastructure and engineering ability NASA has. It also has absolutely nothing to do with socialism by any definition. Again.. nice try. Your argument, while trying to be clever, has all of the logic (or lack of) I've come to expect from someone with your viewpoint.

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Nice try aynwrong.

Does the Constellation program mean anything to you? The Bush administration set the schedule to shut down Space Shuttle because the Ares 1 and Ares 5 rockets would be taking over that duty. Obama has not only shut down the shuttle program he's also killed the Constellation program, effectively ending any meaningful U.S. space program.

How blatantly dishonest of you, and how typical at the same time...