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please see the "print friendly" icon above

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try some heavy (or light) cream

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what you're speaking about I know as being accras or fish cakes, which I did about a year or so ago on the website. BTW did you know that several cultures around the world have a version of this recipe?

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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something like a white sea bass or any mild tasting fish will work

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thanks for pointing that out. I've removed the double entry

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Yes, definitely.

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To be honest I'm not familiar with the area that much. It was within the city/town itself.. so if you're coming from San Fernando, pass the main center (junction) of the town and on the left side. A very popular 'chinee" shop. He later went on to build/own "Chicken Roost" in San Fernando, on the side of the library.

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Hello Cynthia,

Always nice to hear from you and thanks for the tips. I did consider cooking the shrimp and removing them (add later) as you said, but I tried to stick to the way it was told to me by my Guyanese friend. I do recall my mom always air drying (and sun) the cut okra before cooking. I believe I did that in a previous recipe I shared. As far as the salt goes, thanks. I'll have to remember that for sure. Funny enough, I did end up liking the sort of slimy/creamy texture at the end. but to be honest, nothing beats having okra with sort of burnt edges.

On another note... when will we be seeing the book in the local book stores (Chapters / Indigo) here in Canada? I've been telling a lot of friends about your work and I'd love to tell them where they can get a copy locally. I did take a peek when we were in Jamaica last year - you did a marvelous job! When I went back to get a copy, I was told they were sold out. My sister is on the hunt in Trinidad for a copy for me. Hoping my parents will bring it back when they return in early June.

I do apologize for the difficulty in getting in contact with me. I'll have to surely take a look into making that easier.

Again, thanks for sharing the tips.


Chris De La Rosa
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Lovely use of language ms. The final color you see is after it's been in the oven. Take a look at the ingredients of this and/or any jerk marinade and tell me where the 'red" would come from. That's the natural color after roasting in the oven..

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Thanks for the tip. I'll have to give that a try.