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I've played with it and I find it sad that I can just add one device at a time. I mean, I'd define home with the fact that ihave my BT mouse and keyboard...

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That's awesome!

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Downloading this thing right now! That looks like something I've been dreaming for for years!

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Hey JChauncey,

Feel free to make any feedback/request/comment about superfeedr (julien.genestoux@gmail.com). Our goal is really to make things easy and remove the hassle from the thousands of websites/webserivces who actually need to poll feeds.

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Ok, so I was saying that it was once (again!) a nice conversation about Real-Time... and unfortunately the war between pro and anti-XMPP is not over and everybody is standing on their position.

I tend to agree 100% that most of the time it is just better to keep protocols for what they were intended. Like you, and like a lot of people it seems I have spent a lot of time trying to 'tweak' existing stuff (namely HTTP stuff) to make things that XMPP does very very well. Unfortunately, for us, hackers, I guess it's always sexier to actually try to hack things, instead of taking the time to read (yes that is boring) the documentation.

I think that the XMPP crowd has a huge work to do to actually evangelize. Servers are now as easy to install as Apache (apt-get packages...) or Nginx. However, my understanding is that there is a lack of easy libraries/framework (check out babylon in Ruby : http://github.com/julien51/babylon/tree/master) and moreover, a lack of great use-cases (besides chat...)

At http://superfeedr.com we have really been forced to acknowledge that XMPP *was* our solution and I see many many services around here that would definetely benefit from that.

As a conclusion, you guys should really check XMPP out. It is not that difficult and the community will be more than happy to help!

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Arg... my comment was eaten by IntenseDebate? Was it? Please tell me it's just being moderated. (I'll repost it of needed)

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I agree with Mike... I mean, it's not because people are browsing with IE that we should shut down our Apache servers, right?

Anyway, I would love to here a little bit more about the specific problems your ran into?