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My resolution this year (one of many) is to do some needed repairs to the inside of our house. We need new paint and lighting. I would like make my home more comfortable and inviting.

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I have just spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Vermont at Smuggler's Notch. My husband and I drove into Stowe and the whole area is fantastic. We didn't get a chance to drive up to Spruce Peak, but we loved the town of Stowe. It is a great place for dream home 2011. If I am lucky enough to win this house, I would be ecstatic. Whoever wins this wonderful house will be very lucky! The area is beautiful, the people are very friendly, the food is great. I have no complaints at all about this area of Vermont.

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I like the idea of synthetic grass. I wonder how it feels though. I've always liked to be able to walk barefoot in my yard. My husband would like not having to mow the grass. Although he always says he wants a tractor worthy yard.

I can't wait to see the inside of the house. When are they going to start showing the pictures/videos?

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This house is going to be amazing! I really love the changing of the seasons and you will get such great views from the multiple windows in this house. I would really love to see a video that details the master suite and the kitchen. These are my two favorite rooms in a house. Also, the fireplace.

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How did you see the master bedroom and bath?

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I have a lot of great ideas for the basement. Part of it would be a family room/guest room. I would put a sofa bed or daybed down there for family. There would be a workbench for my husband. And, of course, we would need a workout room.

I would love to see the barn as well. It would be great to see what can be done with that. I envision a guest cottage or a big play area for my kids. Maybe both.

Can't wait for the announcement of the winner of the trip! I am crossing my fingers.

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I don't think I would be crazy about living in NYC. It would be a nice place to visit though. Maybe keep the residence as a vacation place and rent out otherwise. Or, just sell it and take the money to build my dream cabin in the woods.

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The outside of this home looks so inviting. The landscaping crew did a great job!

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I love this house! Can't wait to see more. When is there going to be another posting with updated pictures? Does anyone know when the sweepstakes starts?

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Another thing we do is make sure that all the garbage that is recyclable goes out in the bins. Used to be just newspapers. Now, it is glass, plastic, and cardboard. We take old clothes to the church so they can be donated to other people. I take my old magazines to the library.

Last summer, we even donated all the old bikes we had laying around to an organization that fixes them up and gives them away to families that can't afford to buy bikes for their children.

I traded in my car for a newer one that is better on gas. I am still trying to get my husband to give up his fuel-guzzling truck.

So far this year, we haven't even put in our air conditioners. We have been running fans throughout the house to save on our electric bills.

There is more we can do. We keep looking for ways to save money and our natural resources.