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I loooove this.

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Hey, I wanted to say thank you! It's important to make sure everyone self identifies. :D I would also like to add that it would be cool if you could add more queer couples in general, not just lesbian identified couples. Like, gay male couples. I'm a gay man who wants to be a bride some day (in drag et al)! I don't know if gay men are even bothering to submit to this site, and if they're not, I'll be sure to do that when I get married ;D

EDIT: Although I should mention, I am also trans gender ( ie Female to Male) and genderqueer identified, so "gay man" doesn't even really encompass my gender expression or identity. It would be cool to see more people like myself, but I understand you're limited to those who submit.

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Oh man, I met Andera Gibson when ze came to my university for a poetry slam last year, and we did a workshop on gender and it was like the highlight of my life. "Andrew" was a poem that definitely has helped me in undefining gender :D Ze is possibly one of the nicest people alive, no really.

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Awesome profile. Hit all my HELL YES buttons.

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Nice to see Dita in another incarnation than her usual "high femme" attire. Dita is so ridiculously lovely.

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I like you sammysamsam!

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I identified with a lot of this profile :D Especially the part about gender being "noticed like an after-thought, as though it were something floating at the edges of their vision, blurred and indistinct."

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I’m just choosing to stop hiding and start being happy.

I totally understand this.

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!!waves back!!