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I think the funniest version of super-dumb past-me is super-dumb 18-year-old me. I was convinced I'd go to law school and work in corporate law (!) and have a BMW by the age of 24 (!). These weren't just things I wanted, they were things THAT WOULD TOTALLY HAPPEN. Not only was 18-year-old me super shallow and materialistic, but completely unrealistic. And stupid. So very, very stupid. I've done such a 180 with my life, and even though I'm not in a great place now, I'm eternally grateful I gave up on that rubbish when I did.

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Reading all these comments really inspires me. I know when my catalyst comes, I'll be ready for it.

The comic's new direction is also making this community so great. I love all the honest stories and feedback from everyone. It's a nice place. I like it here.

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Oh man. Emotional cliffhangers?! Joel, what have you done! (It's awesome. I love it).

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The hubs works in Physical Therapy, so he basically fixes whatever is wrong with my apparently aged-before-it's-time body. Wonky hip, neck pain, shoulder pain, I just point, grunt, and hiss 'dooooo sooooomethiiing' and he fixes me up.

The downside is I'm also the guinea pig for any new 'techniques' he wants to try out before he inflicts his patients with new torturous ways of making you 'feel better'. Many have left me writhing in pain. But hey! Being able to turn my head 360 degrees is super-useful now!

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The 25th Anniversary of The Goonies was pretty hard to comprehend. But In Utero's 20th is almost harder, because it coincides with me starting high school, 20 fracking years ago this month.

Age math sucks, man. IT SUCKS.

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I'm thrilled with this new direction. I started reading HE because it was SO different from other webcomic formats, but I've come to realize that what brings me back day after day to many comics is the continuity. It's a good thing. I can't wait. Thanks for staying so open & honest with your fans; it means a lot. You continue to be a creative inspiration to me. God Speed, Head Fancy Bastard.

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One time this nice guy named...something with a J...Jor-El? Something like that. He trekked me all the way through the bowels of ECCC to meet his other friend...Walter? Willow? Whatsit? Just so we could show him a silly thing I made.

It might have changed my life, and I might be forever grateful to whats-his-name.

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I've lived in the PNW my whole life, so I'm basically part salamander. Which means I'm uncomfortable in any temperatures above 80 and any humidity lower than 90%. That said, I find heat ANYWHERE but hear to be bearable, because y'all are prepared for it. AC abounds, so its easy to get away from.

I once had a job canvassing in PDX, in 95 degree heat, during THE hottest part of the day, and I literally couldn't carry enough water with me to keep from passing out. At one point I think I stopped asking for donations & just asked if I could lie in peoples sprinklers.

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The toughest part for me is not really getting to delve in to food when I travel abroad. Luckily, I went to Italy before going gluten-free and had pasta, pizza, etc. But I've never been to France, so the experience of baguettes, croissants, crepes will be lost to me. That makes me a bit sad, because for me, absorbing culture through food is a wonderful thing.

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Well, there's Danny Devito & Arnold in Twins, though I wouldn't really say that's my favorite...Fezzik & Vizzini also come to mind.