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at least they would pay with their own money and not the taxpayers like bammy

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fair play is not to have you make another inane post!

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hahahaa-california?!? the state that is run by dhimicrats and going into bankruptcy?!?voting for the same party is ludicrous and a symptom of insanity (which all lib dhimmis have-)--go on and vote for the nanny state-i for one will vote for independence and freedom not for the dhimmi 'plantation'

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we only have ourselves to blame--how do libs get into power but by our consent thru voting them in--we must educate our children to think about the consequences of their votes becoz they are being indoctrinated by the left thru schools and colleges--they don't think critically but are swayed by their peers or teachers

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i think breitbart can take this gut malloy down!!!

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wow!! who is soo interested in watching animals having sex except scientists or bestiality obsessed people---what is the use of having such an exhibition??where could it lead?? go to the drudge page and read about a 13 yr old girl being gang raped by other 13 yr old boys---it this normal??? and if we only want/need to reproduce then why have so many women chosen abortion?

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poor meaghan-we were there for palin-not her RINO dad!!! she is a RINO-tart idiot!!

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are you kidding me- obviously you did not listen to the speeches at the rally-you did not go-i did- you just show how ignorant you are about someone who i am sure doesn't hold to your lib prog leaning----mlk said to judge a man by the content of his character-what is mr. obamas character-a community ORGANIZER-nothing more-a book that was written by a ghost writer about how his father wanted to have a socialist kenya-- and it looks like that is obamas dream also!!!!

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c'mon people-i wouldn't go thru some neighborhood either-some are very dangerous!!--we aren't stupid

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biggest crowd he's ever gotten by himself!!!