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Favorite quote: "I love women. No, I really do." >> Great post, dude. Maybe when you get back from the conference you and I could get a pedicure?

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Thanks Charlie St. Cloud.

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"God is an artist. He creates amazing art every day. He deposits great art in people to be time released creatively over his people. Gods brush of choice is to use people."

YES! I love seeing that unfold in His Church. Every time I see someone using art to inspire wonder and self-reflection and God-adoration, I see God's brush at work... and it makes me love Him more and more. Thanks for this beautiful post, Stephen. Thanks for the platform, Lindsey. God bless you both.

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I love that Ginger Ale is somehow akin to drinking Rabbit Urine. So now I'm here at work wondering how one might go about harvesting said beverage. Not that I'd want to. I can just pick up a six of Canada Dry at the local SuperValu on the way home. Much easier.

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That is flat out AWESOME. You guys are inspiring. I love seeing the way you live out genuine community in LOVE. God bless the whole lot of you. Sleep well Tam. :-)

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Great reminder Ron. Step one: Clarify the WIN. Step two: Take action. Step three: Assess whether or not you are actually moving toward the WIN. Step four: Modify actions accordingly... Thanks for the post. God bless!

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Yeah baby. That's right. Sienna drivers unite! We're down with our BAD selves.

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One of my favorites: A friend of ours years ago in school used the phrase "Take it for granite." When we asked for clarification, they explained slowly and clearly, "You know... take... it... for... GRANITE. It's rock solid. Right?" Oh yes. It's real. Mirth overload.

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Great reminder Tim. Thanks brother.

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So a Frenchman walks into a bar with a beautiful parrot on his shoulder. The bartender says, "Wow! Where did you find that?" The parrot says, "France. They're everywhere." :-) I agree Jeff. Humor = goodness.