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Great letter, now, how do we figure out the solution as a community. Dogs deserve the respect of first responders and all others. Any GOOD CONSTRUCTIVE ideas out there?

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i loved A&W diet rootbeer floats. i will truly miss them...they were comforting to me, especially during football season!!!!!!

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what was responsible for her safety? watching out for her? seems strange...need more info to feel ok about this child...

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thrilled to see your by-line...miss your great reporting. hope all is well... :)

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glad the south boulder store will remain open....great place!!!

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and who pays for the rescue? i feel bad for the experience these kids had and it must have been scary..however, since they did what they shouldn't have done i think they should work to pay off the rescue charges to the city. skiing out of bounds, hiking out of bounds, etc. ...there is a reason they are OUT OF BOUNDS.

SUMMER JOBS, KIDDOS....take responsibility for your actions and a some community service wouldn't hurt at all.....have a good summer...

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over the past 10 years i have personally know many many football players, had them in my home and known their parents. never has one of them been in trouble. today many are married and have families, in the pros leading fine lives and continually stay in touch. please please don't make generalizations that don't pan out. i truly hope jordan webb is removed from the team by the coach. There are many instances of college kids getting in trouble and, believe me, they are not all football players. have a great day today...spring may be finally here (in boulder)... and GO BUFFS

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totally inappropriate... not even a joke....really?

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FYI....just yesterday at the cu senior banquet there was an little prayer before lunch ending in jesus' name. once again i was upset. besides it being a state run institution and the whole issue of separation of church and
and state and those not of the christian faith being excluded....i will deal with that with the next coach...

so, about mac...always have been upset about his politics, but am quite sure, not positive, that he has learned from his own past...as far as the sociology prof, she screamed at me for supporting GB...and said i supported rapists....her behavior had me almost paralyzed..

who is calling who what....i want brian cabral as my head coach...end of story.

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We attended the game in Berkeley. Coach Hawk, how about a refund?