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If you have not already watched the wonderful Victory by Design series hosted by Alain de Cadenet, now is a good time to start. This happens to be a Russian translation but the cars sound the same in any language: .

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I'm reading these Justy updates with happiness. My Mom bought a new 2nd gen 4WD four door with the manual. "It's fuel injected!" she used to say. I took my driving test in that car. I got up to the things teenagers do in that car. I, sadly, totaled it in the late 1990s on a patch of slushy highway 2 near Skykomish. Going 50 MPH backwards in the wrong lane after a 180 degree hydroplane wasn't fun. The Justy was though even if it didn't say "Fun Justy" on the side.

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An unmolested Golf GTi will be a classic once the racer boy image fades a bit more. These go for less than $3k. Even this one in Tacoma has some light mods. <a href="" target="_blank">

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I recently asked my company for a new computer to replace my ailing x201 Thinkpad. They sent me a slightly newer x220. The rest of the office prefers the W series for the bigger screen and memory. I do a lot of work on remote machines and bike to work frequently enough that portability is more important to me. Both the x machines are solid performers and are robust enough to run serious PhotoShop as long as you aren't also rendering video and have twenty tabs open in your browser. The x220 is running Win 8.1 and I don't mind it at all compared to Win 7. I do have an old tower running Ubuntu and it works well but I hardly ever use it. Our home computer is an old MacBook Pro that is nearing the end of life. We probably won't replace it with another Mac. Yoga or Carbon are contenders. My daughter just got a HP Stream 13 for Christmas. It was less than $250 and seems to work really well but the touchpad is difficult for me to understand. The Thinkpad button mouse is just so much faster.

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I like this new series. Please continue.

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We had a 2008 and it only had the one booster. That central seat could slide forward independently, which was nice. The central seating location is much safer than any other position in the car. Our pediatrician even said it is better to be in that seat without a car eat than in the outboard seats with. The central booster is nice because it is less wide than the kind you toss on top of the seat. This allows you to install as many of the large child seats in the outer locations as you want.

I want that old car back enough that I'm really interested in this new one. The price is large though.

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I have the same color scheme on my slightly smaller 2002 A4 Avant wagon. I would do a trade+cash for this S6 for sure. That way I can stop thinking about why my idle is too high, the CEL is on, the headlight levelling system is broken, the dual zone heater blows cool in one and hot in the other, the suspension bushings creak... Yeah, sign me up but I would prefer a manual transmission. Sometimes these pop up nearby. I'm glad this one is all the way on the other coast.

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In Kirkland, WA, an eastern suburb of Seattle, there is a shop available. The location is good and getting better as the surrounding neighborhood gets upgraded. The seller claims it has been booked out at least two weeks and as far as two months for the past year. It's a turn-key business for $300,000. They seem to specialize in restorations and upkeep of older vehicles.
The advertisement:
Their website is sparse but these things sometimes work better in person:

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I'm with you on this. I'm naked enough in my bib shorts and jersey. I suspect though that the type of person who goes on the naked ride isn't doing it for exercise. Target heart rate, cadence, wattage, distance, climbing elevation -- none of that matters. No, they are protesting the use of gasoline while wearing gigantic plastic hoops in their ears and genitalia.

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Maybe that Opel wasn't dead enough yet. How about a 1934 chevrolet flatbed covered in dust? Claude can hook you up.