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555 weeks ago @ Dented Reality - Amazon Introduces S3 V... · 1 reply · +1 points

Dropbox keeps a history of file changes for you, optionally forever (costs more).

As for how much of the file is copied in an S3 version, I don't think that's clear. I suspect that's an implementation detail that they aren't sharing. That said, I'd be surprised if the versions were full copies on disk.

560 weeks ago @ Joe Gregorio | BitWorking - WebFinger | BitWorkin... · 2 replies · +1 points

If that's the case, then wouldn't http://<domain>/.well-known/finger provide a list of finger URLs? Something like:

"finger": "",
"finger": "",
"finger": "",
"finger": "",
"finger": ""

and so on? Or perhaps I'm missing something. But if that is the case then that list seems backwards, the entries should look like

"joseph": ""

Really though I think we should save clients the extra request by default and optimize for the common case. I think you could still maintain the sort of flexibility you are looking for by providing a field that indicated if this was a list of finger URLs.

560 weeks ago @ Joe Gregorio | BitWorking - WebFinger | BitWorkin... · 4 replies · +1 points

Could this be made even easier? Why couldn't my JSON services document be at:


Where <local> is the local part of the email address (just as you suggested for{local}).

565 weeks ago @ Dented Reality - LDAP (very) Basics · 2 replies · +1 points

I always thought LDAP looked funny, must be all that X.500 influence :-)