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Hey Jose! I like it! ;-) It is a kind of crowdsourced updating interface for social networks. Do you have any ideas for the moderation of posts done by the voice-to-text translators in case of translation errors? There is an issue that concerns me: trust of the user in the translator. So here is a addition to your idea: What if the user can pick a number of friends who can translate their voice updates? Every user would have a voicemail of the latest updates from trusted friends to translate (type). So the first one available would grab the "reserve" the update to type and earn the credit. Different from the crowsourced version would work in any language as long as there there are users and trusted friends in those languages. By the way, what happens if what the user says is over 140 characters? 2 or more tweets... or if there is nobody to update but until 6 hours later? not so much real-time... oh well. Fun though. :-)

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In my experience I find this particularly true when we talk about employees listening to and interacting directly with our users and customers, e.g. staff from customer service, support, help desk, application engineers. They know the frustrations and excitements our products or services generate. They many times realize where our opportunities for improvement and innovation are.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy reading what you have to say. This is what I take from your post and the great comments above: Running business is a complex matter. And even though there are principles or ideas you could borrow from people in different industries to innovate in your own, there are so many operational and tactical details involved in a particular type of business, that learning them by ourselves could be costly to the business. And so, it would be extremely valuable to be able to talk these issues with people who have gone through them or are going through them in the same industry. Execution is key and following people who are or have built the same kind of business would certainly accelerate learnings and improve chances of being successful.

Good stuff indeed!