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Thanks for the comment Ben. Yes, there's a great summary of the Fellows program right here -

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You seem to be arguing a different point than the article entirely. First, the fact that Google, Oracle, Yahoo and anyone else not in Africa is used to illustrate the fact that Africa is being left behind, without much in the way of any of these companies noticing or suffering for it. Do I care that they left Africa off the map? Only in the sense that it should serve as motivation from the people who are capable to do the things that will change that story.

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I get the plight, I live in Uganda. I'm a black-American. I'm pretty close to the issue on both sides and yet it's not my nature to blame other people for my own short-comings. Sure people may antagonize you, but I believe as humans we should expect as much from each other as we'd expect from ourselves. I respect where you're coming from because it's far more complicated than that, but that's where we'll continue to differ. So you're damn straight it's individualistic, however I don't think it's 'self-aggrandizing' at all. It's about speaking of and doing the things that are the hard call. Is that wrong? Do you really want to live in a world where everyone settles for 'what they've got' and never reaches for what they don't?

I don't.

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Ruth, of course they do. That's why I mentioned each of those offices outright in the article.

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Not at all. I live in Africa. ;-)

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Marieme, I agree with you. I don't see anything written here as slagging anyone. But also I don't see how constructive critique is ever an unwarranted thing. The people I respect most are people who challenge me. Secondly, it goes without saying I agree with you on all your other points here.

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@Matin You're telling this to someone who has already executed many ideas in Africa, that many people have slagged off, and yet the wheel does turn. That's because no idea is infallible and I think it's smarter to at least hear out the skeptics. You don't have to listen, and a little dissent shouldn't sway your path, unless you find some points you agree with.

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1. I don't disagree here, but I do think they should be aiming for the palm, not the lap.

2. This is one of the few big gripes I've got with them, but it's definitely a big one. Even if it was only having a local company install the keyboards, there should be some element of the product that is done locally.

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I am still very much interested in Thrust all though I haven't heard much from the guys lately.

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@Josef That's certainly important and something we discussed yesterday. The on-the-ground oversight and quality control is of course what most NGOs have a problem finding. A number of local people will say they can do things because in a market with no jobs and little opportunity, what would you expect them to do. They may have the best intentions, but unless the involved NGOs can actually depend on someone to make sure things happen or offer some sort of reconciliation when things don't, they will continue hiring people from the US and Europe.