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I find the naked female form to be rather beautiful

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I have to give it UP for OBAMA tho! He plays his position well!! "The deal came after a dramatic moment in which Mr. Obama burst into a meeting of the Chinese, Indian and Brazilian leaders, according to ...

ha ha! respect! May we all play our own part in this unfolding, fully givin' it, as he does...

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lsd = wow. would be nice if we had some other frame of reference than "just say no". everyone is so different though. I think it will remain on the fringes. no doubt..

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ahh.. people love to talk! I find this a very relevant topic indeed, one clearly misunderstood. How could we ever know how much or what and when? To talk about it now is only to speculate. But perhaps, at least some of the point is in the controversy. More to be understood one day we should hope. For the teachings to come through, what did this man become? The experiences he apparently had so he could fully realize for us... ah... but what do I know.