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Great post... I have to admit I get trapped by a Chatty person to often. Sometimes I start to think I should yell "FIRE!" just so I can get away.

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I totally agree. I see to many people fail when it comes to following up. Thanks for the comment. Good luck on the book.

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The idea is if they do not ask, then they do not need it. If you do see potential to work together, then yes ask for their card but do not give them your card unless they specifically ask for your card.

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Good post.. Would add one thing for the zombies - stop expecting a ROI when you are not investing the time to show you are alive.

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Below is piece from recent article I read.
"Facebook made its second acquisition this month, agreeing to buy social-networking site FriendFeed to gain engineering talent. FriendFeed’s co-founders had worked at Mountain View, California-based Google on products including Google Maps and Gmail"

Not only is FF a good buy for FB but buying a company with ties to another company means maybe there is some good relationships at Google that will help with FB and Google working together in the future. Just a thought...

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I agree.. I did a recent post titled "Social Media I need a tutor?" I see more and more business owners thinking or starting to engage in social media but find there is a little disconnect. Some are clueless and others devalue the ability of social media. To many "EXPERTS" are claiming to be an expert or promising results they themselves have not achieved. With the lack of knowledge and time to learn, business owners are simply being sold. I follow and respect those in social media just as if I was looking to them as a financial consultant. If the financial consultant has not yet established themselves financially, how could they consult for me.
I would appreciate any feedback on my blog Something as a small business owner I am still shaping and working to commit to. Thanks.

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I would have to say Indiana may be one of the most formal networking cities. I have lived and worked in Cincinnati and Fort Lauderdale and have not seen the same amount of formal networking opportunities.

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I know your pain about being the idea guy. I am very open and always willing to help, which leave me giving away valuable information/ideas that I am sure one day I will figure out how to shut up and profit from it. I have looked at this from two points.

1. I give the ideas and like you stated they have to act on it to make it work. Most do not follow through, seems to be a struggle for a lot of people.
2. I give an idea and dam if they do not take it and run with it only to double their sales. I have not profited formally from this but have received some nice thank you gifts and letters.

Good post and good luck!