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You are correct, if you're already a member you can't sign up with my affiliate link unless you set up a new hostmonster account.
Yes, you're right about no date stamps.

I still stand by the recommendation for hostmonster (I still use it after like 10 years). But the bonus is a bit outdated.

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You can get great quality of work done from Philippine workers.... The entire site was built from our own workers in the Philippines. Though... You may have to try several workers before you find a great worker. When you do hire that great worker though... Your business won't be the same!

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Yes, we do. We have examples of contracts here:

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Generally, yes, they are paid days off.
But, this is up to the employer. The week between Christmas and New Years in the Philippines is a very slow time for work.
We give our employees the full week off (paid).

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If you were hired through, you can report that employer to

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You're right, they do. This post was made quite a few years ago. Everything about it is still the same except for the wages. None of my employees make less than $400/month today.

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@Stuart - no, this technique doesn't still work. Sorry.

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I'm glad things are working out for you.
Great advice about letting them challenge your rates. My experience is that if someone is willing to challenge your rates, they're confident enough to say something when they have a problem. They usually end up being good workers.

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You won't have any problems with any of least...not until you're big enough that you can/should hire a tech guy to handle it for you and pay for your own dedicated server.

When anyone says you're going to have "bandwidth and disk space" problems, they're almost always trying to scare you into buying a more expensive hosting account.

I have probably 50 wordpress sites on a shared hostmonster account. It's fine.

You won't even need a hostgator account for this. A shared hostmonster account will do you just fine for a long time.

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The printer has never been "un-aligned".
I've refilled plenty of cartridges. The printer prints just fine every time. It has never once printed a blurry page or blurry graphic, except for the pretend one at the end of each page.
Plus, notice that at the beginning of the image, all the colors and graphics are printed exactly correct.
Also, every single time this has ever printed the birds look exactly the same.

I have zero doubt that it's a sham intended to make you feel good about what you just bought. The first time I saw it, I picked the paper out and took it to my wife and said "look how awesome this is! Look what a good job it did aligning the cartridges!"