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And what would have happened if there had not been a camera recording events? I suggest that the victim should at least lodge a formal complaint against mr stout, not out of vindictiveness, but because for every one of these incidents being recorded, there are probably hundreds that are not. Mr stout's attitude is the result of 13 years of socialism, where the police have come to believe that they are above the law. I am old enough to have experienced a better attitude from the police. Where the first reaction is not to issue a fine, but to give the 'perpetrator' a warning. Bullying is an ugly trait in anyone. In the police it only leads to resentment; and by the looks of things, mr stout has alienated yet another law-abiding, white, englishman. Good for you mr stout.

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OH, I agree with you. I have never watched any rednose effluvia or handed any of my cash to them. In fact, I treat with suspicion anything the bbc does. In addition, there are too many charities that would cease to exist if it weren't for taxpayer cash. If it was within my powers, I would stop giving taxpayer money to all charities. Only then would the truly deserving come to be seen through the miasma of fake help that now exists.

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Let's hope this is the first instance of many. It really made me think we are still capable of being a country.

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When someone in the US Government speaks up about the persecution and killing of Christians in Egypt and all the other muslim countries, then I will begin to believe that their direction of travel has been modified to something resembling normal. When everyone can safely follow their religious beliefs in a muslim country, then I'll begin to believe that muslims have begun to enter the civilised world. I'm not holding my breath.

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I don't think that the average person in our country even thinks about freedom, let alone fears its usurpation. The best thing that people who think about such things, can do is to immunise themselves against the extant war against the individual and the nation and prepare themselves for the coming deluge.

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If it is open to all religions, then Christians should flood the camp with their holidaymakers; that's the only way to neutralise the muslim intentions.

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Socialists and Communists always want to make other peoples problems your problems.

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When they start to eat pork, then their road to normality will have been started. And when they don't have an abhorrence of dogs, and animals in general. It's not going to happen, though because they are genetically incapable of being normal - in our Western understanding of the word.

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In order to become anything resembling a civilised Western democracy, Egypt would have to ditch islam. And I can't see that happening.

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In my limited understanding of such events; I actually read Kerensky's biography many years ago; I agree with you analysis. What I find truly abhorrent is obama's attitude towards President Mubarak; he has been abandoned by the socialist government currently occupying the White House. Goodness knows what the other 'allies' of the US, in the Middle East, are thinking. The US, having a socialist government as it has, is a very dangerous fair-weather friend. The best outcome would be for Mubarak (who of course is a dictator, and I'm not advocating dictatorship - but the alternative in Egypt is infinitely more dangerous for the Western World) to stay until September and a similar successor to be installed at least until the US has removed its socialists from power and elected a President who actually loves America and the West.