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Good article!

I know it's not funny, but the thought of all these 'Superpower Scared Rabbits' running around and shreiking in fear of the most dangerous taxi-drivers, shepherds, teachers, farmers in the world is too absurd. The Superpower rabbits are even too scared to support an honest investigation into 9/11, lest they find what most sane people already know. It was planned in an undisclosed location, not a cave.

America talks of terrorism even as it sodomizes young boys, tortures taxi drivers to death, crucifies people to death, freezes them, suffocates them, lets them die of thirst. All to force false confessions to bolster their insupportable contention that the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan were justified.

This is what they're really afraid of, and why they would rather bury Gitmo inmates forever rather than have to face the truth and depth of their own moral depravity.

America has never sunk so low. There is no coming back, not that anyone is trying. This marks the beginning of the end of America.

Good riddance.

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Time after time after time America and its military have expressed their utter contempt for the lives of civilians in non-lily-white, non christian nations. Redskins. Niggers. Gooks. Sandniggers. Ragheads.____In Afghanistan while the Americans prattle on about winning 'hearts and minds' (although we all know it's all about pipelines, not lifelines) weddings and funerals get bombed by remote control, populated homes are blown up, villagers exterminated. Then some military jerk says 'Whoops, it won't happen again'. Then it happens again. And again. And again.____With that kind of attitude, America could have 500,000 troops on the ground and they still can't win. Or learn.

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So it's fine to watch videotape of an injured, unarmed Iraqi being executed with a bullet to the head, but it's somehow outrageous outrageous!!! if a photographer geta a picture of an injured and dying American. Such is the degree of American hubris and hypocricy. It's stunning.

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And the wars go on, and the spying, and the disappearances, and the torture. And the hypocrisy.

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The Americans should give up all pretence of giving a damn about the lives Afghan civilians. Their lies ring so hollow as the killing goes on, and on, and on...

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It's possible that she's afraid to because Blackwater doesn't care who they kill. They are living proof of America's moral degeneracy.

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I'm tired of hearing that Sheik Mohammed is the 'mastermind of 9/11' (self-described or not) when a mountain of evidence (including nano-thermite in WTC dust) points to Cheney and the fine people at PNAC. That there is even a debate about holding people accountable for torture and murder is a measure of America's moral degeneracy

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We know that at least one hundred detainees, probably completely innocent died under torture- they were karate kicked, frozen, exposed to heat, suffocated, died of heart failure due to broken ribs, were crucified. That number does not include the so-called 'black sites'.

We know that children were sodomozied and otherwise tortured for the fun of it, or as an inducement to get their (also probably innocent) parents to talk.

And still that reptile Cheney tries to justify it all, and President Obama 'looks ahead' with his eyes shut tight.

These men have no shame.

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Given Israel's swinish behaviour on so many fronts, their view of Palestinians as subhuman, it would not be that much of a stretch to believe the story that Palestians are kidnapped, their organs are harvested and that they of course die in the process. The Israelis seem capable of no end of vile abomination.

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It's quite common to talk about the 'radical insurgents' in Iraq or Afghanistan, as if not kissing invading America's ass is somehow a crime. They are defending their countries against war criminals, rapists, torturers, murderers. They have every right- even a duty- to do so.