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Chris, we have been living in the Austin area for more than 10 years. When we first came here to check out the place, it was people's friendliness and hospitality that sold us on the idea of moving here. People here are really nice! It didn't take us much time to make any friends, both South African and American. Austin's summers can be quite hot (35C+). Winters are generally mild (around 12-18C), but we do get colder spells for a few days at times when temperatures can drop a few degrees below freezing. Neither of these are a problem indoors since homes are equipped with central cooling and heating. It is only when you're outside that it can get rough. Spring and Autumn has great weather. I think the best areas to live are west, northwest, and north of Austin. Places like Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock come to mind. The financial climate here is pretty good. Austin is known to be one of the Texas cities least affected by the recent economic downturns. I hope this helps you.

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UPDATE (4/25/13): It was recently discovered that two caching plugins, WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, had an issue that opened a door to hackers in this recent "brute force" attack. The developers of these plugins have responded quickly and corrected the problem. If you use either of these two plugins, make sure that you are running the latest version. If you followed my advice above and installed the Wordfence plugin and set up an email address to receive alerts, you would have received an alert to upgrade these plugins.

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You don't mention the platform your site runs on, be it HTML or a CMS. If it happens to be Wordpress, you can install Jetpack. It contains a component that is supposed to make themes appear properly on mobile devices.

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Thanks Luis. I also favor Wordpress nowadays. If a client wants a new website, I also recommend Wordpress, unless there is some good reason to go with something else.

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$2k... madness!

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Barry, that is frightening! That is more than the annual salary of a lot of people! As you say, you appreciate the service, and most fair people wouldn't mind paying fair value for such service, but $60,000 or a whole year's salary? That is nuts! It is no wonder that such a large percentage of personal bankruptcies in the US are due to medical reasons.

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After identifying the keywords you want to use, the next most important thing is probably quality content. Write well-researched posts that add something new. This isn't always easy, but Google seems to look a lot at that these days. If you simply regurgitate what has been published over and over elsewhere on the web, it won't count that much for you. Of course, if you write really good stuff, other webmasters will be inclined to link to you naturally as well, i.e. no need to get involved in elaborate linking schemes that don't work so well these days anyway. Good luck!

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Ernie, no it doesn't take a lot of work. If you're completely new to it and want to get up and running fast, I would the hosted version of Wordpress, which can be found at

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Haha, yes, I was wondering about mentioning Dropbox, but then I figured that my Dropbox account has a long password that I created using these guidelines, so hopefully I'll be OK. You point about the clipboard monitor is a good one. It definitely strengthens the case for having a good malware scanner that you keep updated.

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Hi. I'll try to help you. What are you struggling with?