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A couple of quick points:

a: This post isn't based on "internet rumors." In fact, I wasn't aware of any of the rumors when I posted this. I have a lot of very specific, credible information here that I'm not posting, and in fact several others have been in a position to hear this directly as well.

b: CPR's (very carefully worded) response is that the report is "inaccurate," and perhaps some parts of it may be. What they didn't say is that it's false, or specify which part is inaccurate.

c: The source providing the information remains steadfast that operating positions have been eliminated. Again, I'm not posting details, for reasons that will become clear later, but the information I have is extremely detailed, coherent, and credible. As I learn more (and can post it with no risk of negative impact on people) I'll update or write a new post.