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That's a fair point that I thought about. However, we can just make that clear up front. "HEY YOU! Twitter doesn't give us your email address, you should add one. If you don't we will not be able to recover your account for you if you forget how you logged in. DON'T BE AN IDIOT, WE PROMISE NOT TO SPAM YOU!"


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There are considerations to think about when drilling a bowling ball without a thumb hole though. Make sure your ball driller understands that without the thumb hole, your static imbalances change, and that the layout of the ball will need to change.

We talked about static imbalances on Talk Bowling #42

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And the winners were selected. I have notified everyone directly.

Winners of the Turbo Grips "Got Grips?" t-shirts

Michael Saksa
Andy Thurs
Shawn Yuille Sr
Rob Howard
Michelle Behne


Winners of the Brunswick Rain Jacket:
Amy L Childs

Winners of the Brunswick Polo:

Winners of the Roto Grip t-shirts:

Dawn Samaniego
Michael Wright


Winners of the Storm Polo:
James Powell @kidman2505
Gonzalo Martin @gmartinp

And the grand prize Pyramid Double Roller went to..........

Facebook Fan Jeff Baker

Everyone has been personally notified. We need sizes and addresses to send your prizes to.


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We are looking in to it....will comment soon.  Thanks.

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Thank you for the comment and glad one of our articles can be useful or helpful. Best of luck!

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Great comment and thanks for the support to Glen....all are in agreement.

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Definitely drop in weight a full pound to a light 15 lb. ball and you will not lose the core design integrity of the new ball, will still be able to get great pin carry, and will not sacrifice hook potential......more and more bowlers now days use 15 lbs than ever before....using a lighter weight ball will help you not fatigue as quickly in the last game or games you bowl and likely will not result in unwanted ball speed changes. The bowling balls recommended earlier will certainly serve your purposes.

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Another tip if you like the 3-6-9 system for shooting at left side spares would be to modify the adjustment to 2-4-6 if you wish not to alter your release. What is fun is to be creative when bowling on new lane conditions, such as in tournaments, and modify your spare adjustment system as needed to be successful on the given oil pattern.  Thanks for the comment, sir.

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Thanks for the comment. You may very well be spot-on with your assessment of the article content. We posted articles on occasion first appearing in the US Bowler publication by USBC and borrow (with prior permission, of course) these articles to share with our visitors who may have not had the chance to read the magazines.

As is the case with all article authors, including myself, we sometimes overlook an important fact or misstate something and not edit properly before posting. The important thing is we can share our thoughts and those of outside contributions by magazine writers, as example, to stimulate bowler's thinking and perhaps even help them improve their skills and techniques on the lanes or with the mental game aspects we all encounter in competition.

This is why we welcome your comment and your articulate statement. Thanks again and have a great Holiday season.