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The libs are running for the tall grass because they see the handwriting on the wall. This makes something like 30 Dems so far who have decided not to run for re election.

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Home builder such as Pulte and Lennar do not hire or pay the tradesmen who build the homes. The builders instead hire sub contractors and it is them who hire the carpenters, electricians, etc. In this case Pulte has no say in what the sub contractor pays his people.

This is a story intended to placate the union supporters of Obama and nothing more. These builders hire non union because the union subs cannot compete price wise for the job and keep the home at the price point necessary for it to be sold.

If you think because a tradesman is union it means his work is better then non union then think again. I can ofer personal experience this is absolutely not the case.

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What do you expect from a culture which believed Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize?

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This sculpture is not shocking, insulting or anywheres near "artistic". It is simply stupid and was created for one simple reason, for it's shock value. It is similar to the exhibit in the NY Museum of Art of the "Piss Christ" which was a jar of urine with a Crucifix submerged in it.

Where is the art in something like this? I have seen children urinate in public on ants. can we assume a photo or other depiction of this is also "art"

The reason so many applaud this sort of silliness is because they are terrified of being thought of as out of touch with the world of the Arts, of being called out for "not getting it"
I recall seeing Picasso on the Carson show in early 1971 when he admitted to being "amused" at the fact he could sit down, and in 10 minutes concoct some sort of melted clock and half faced people drawing and sell it immediately for $30,000 or more.

It simply proves there are suckers born every minute.

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The LIB 'retired sailor sez-"Let me guess you are one of those right-wingers that sill feel the Enron Scumbags were all innocent?"

ENROB, you mean the company which donated more to the DEMOCRAT PARTY then the REPUBLICANS? Besides what's ENRON got to do with this topic" Answer-NOTHING, it's merely the way the hapless,clueless Left attempts to change the subject when the facts make them look like fools (again)

That said, the movie was one of the all time bombs of the decade.

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LOL, leave it to the clueless left to respond with a non answer and total denial of the facts.

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As an attorney who worked on this particular case for the company I can promise you there were NO documents of this sort.

A was posted here, the company incurred no loss at all as the rate payers of CA paid every dime of the penalty. It always amazes me that people on the Left who so HATE big companies and love to see "get stuck to them" are not smart enough to understand the consumer is ALWAYS the one who pays.

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Rush Limbaugh said it all years ago when he said the libs will totally crack up when they finally wake up and see they are losing it all. They are losing it all and they are cracking up, turning on each other like a pack of wild animals as all of their many constituency groups realize they have been duped all these years.

In the end the truth ALWAYS wins and now the hapless Left is paying the price for all the lies and dishonesty they have subjected the American people to all these past years.

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Maybe, just MAYBE as one of Taylors witnesses will testify, he did not have sex with the girl at all.

Besides, while I'm not a fan of prostitution, it is a victimless crime. it's when the pimps get involved it gets dangerous for the prostitute.

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No, lib. "property of BP" would be written on ODUMBOS Elephant ears since he is the one who BY FAR has received the most money from BPover the last couple of years.