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This is no surprise. Unless drastic action is taken, it can be expected to become much worse as this well known situation plays out.

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The culture of Islam is not very compatible with western culture.

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Just like none of us are equal. Of course, if we discuss economic and technological breakthroughs, history is very clear. No other economic system devised by man comes close to an open economic system that capitalsim requires. No matter what Muslims say about the advances of the Islamic empires of the Middle Ages.

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Why am I not surprised in the least?

The Obama administration, hard at work. He does not make allies. He makes enemies.

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It has not really started in Denmark, YET. My guess is that the Muslim population of Denmark is still in the single digits.

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Most Immigration is good for the receiving country. But not all Immigration is good. Back in the late 1970's, Castro emptied his jails and the United States allowed them to immigrate. It became a real problem.

Bring in lots of Islamic nationalists and you will see problems like never before. I repeat: Most of the time, immigration is good. However, not all Immigration is good for the country that is receiving the immigrants.

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Makes sense. As Muslims become a larger percentage of the population, they begin to insist on more control of the rules. As we on this site generally understand, eventually THEIR law (Islamic law, or at least some versio) will be attempted to be implemented.

Best of luck to France. They are right there at the point where violence will begin to become much more common as the conflict begins to reach boiling point. Unless they give in, of course.

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"specific development of Islam in Europe and its compatibility with the European model of life". Not good.

Either this guy is an Islamic nationalist, or else he has bought into all of that "Islam is the religon of peace" B.S.

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Backlash from Islamic invasion of Norway and Europe. As he mentions, it is not about individual Muslims. The issue is Islamic nationalism and loyalty to the Islamic legal system.

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Islam recognizes the authority of NO other government or legal system. This is why the Islamic army is so busy.