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Oh good, I can now slow down my wine consumption that was steadily increasing each time the wife would say "Your getting old" That and the fact that all she says now is "This is getting old."

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Great post and much thanks, Joe. I've heard and seen too much "anti-wine blogging" comments since I started my blog to really sometimes wonder if it is worth it. What started out as just a personal blog became more of a learning tool about wine for me. I never took a wine class of any type, nor do I want too. I do care that it attracts readers, but that's just ego. It was never intended to be a money maker, just a hobby. It is sometimes more work than I thought it would be, but unlike my day job, I don't have an obligation or even a plan of action.
The blog has been somewhat successful, but OK that's nice. What is really been important, at least to me, is what I've learned and the friends I made and the enjoyment I have doing the blog.
Besides, it helps with the withdrawal from other on-line addictions.

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Looking forward to trip to VA in spring. Tasted the Michael Shaps wines when he was with King Family Vineyards. His Viognier was fantastic.

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Just to let you know, I had a guilty conscience and did not give wine away! I opened tonight, took one whiff, one sip and threw away. Tasted like chocolate covered licorice wrapped in old leather and covered with contaminated mud. Think I'll also throw in a green banana.
I only review wines I like and this one did not make the cut, but sure would have been a fun review.

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Just bought one of these on Sunday ($9). Now afraid to open. Thankfully I have friend who likes that chocolate taste in her wines, even the crappy choco wines. Hope she likes. Just have to tell her it's from Shirley.

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Nice review! One more wine shop to visit before the Friday night party begins. Will definitely be looking for this one. Already have one Finger Lakes Rosé ready to open, but this one sounds like a must have.

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Wonder what the list would be like if a poll was taken by all your followers as far as what post each liked the best.
I believe the only ones missing from this top 10 would be the 'Giveaways.'
For me, the Robert Parker interview was the most fascinating. A big coup for the Dude and very professional.
Looking forward to more from 1WineDude in 2011. Happy New Year, Joe.

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For years I used the winged until learning how to use the waiters friend properly. Now it's been years since I used anything else. But if tearing up the cork is common with the winged, you ought to try the old screw and handle. I have one in my suitcase for emergency when traveling. Hate using it. Haven't got a cork out in one piece yet.

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They don't want you, Joe. Wine mags don't tell it like it is and have always avoided any major controversy.
You're are a refreshing change. May not always agree with you, but have come to respect your opinions.

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1WineDude commentaries aren't found in the wine mags. How else are we going to learn what's really going on in the world of wine. Looking forward to another year of reading the dude. Happy New Year.