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this is a comment

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Riley - author RSS feeds most definitely apply to wordpress.org powered sites

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As I indicated to you via Twitter, it doesn't bother me. Just makes a muddier social graph experience for you, that's all.

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Count me in!

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LOL. What fridge real estate do I get? Above or below your kids school drawings?

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Thanks. BTW, I saw your comment with list of questions in ID's announcement blog post. They were excellent and what was equally excellent were the responses that were given to them.

This is good stuff!

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Thanks for chiming in here. And I stand corrected regarding IntenseDebate and FriendFeed integration.

But like others, I do think that integration with things like Facebook Connect should be higher on your list. I've got to say that I'm definitely curious to hear what might be on that list...whats keeping FB Connect off of it? After 2 weeks of having it enabled, TechCrunch reported that 20% of all comments left there are done so via FB Connect. That's a pretty significant number - http://tinyurl.com/5vgn5f

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Oh, the synergy. Im actually soaking in the Deerhunter album which you can listen to entirely at Hype Machine's Top 50 albums of 2008. Uust happens to my favorite new link so far in the new year. http://hypem.com/zeitgeist/2008/albums/4

So how did you do the album cover? Quick illustrator work or some online fractals web service?