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in that first video, how can that game have gone to overtime? it wasnt tied at the end of regulation...

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at $10, count me in on day one. at $20, id probly wait and see what the reviews were like.

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is there a way to search comments to see if the guys i want have been answered already?

anyway, as a browns guy, it might be most helpful to know what their receivers are looking like and if donte stallworth is in the game. so can i get the rookies, robiskie and massaquoi? is stallworth in the game and what position do they list cribbs? thanks in advance for any and all answers.

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i like that the positives outweigh the negatives. thanks for the indepth info.

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now if the browns can just keep cribbs happy...

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what kind of money does this guy still command? id say he could very well fit their offense but id rather they trade for derek anderson from the browns.

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as a browns fans...

i like todays moves to acquire some depth vets and picks, but i feel weird that baltimore picked guys that i thought the browns should be targeting in oher and kruger. looking at the two wideouts we drafted, id guess that the new OC favors an offense run by quinn.

second day is about depth and some high risk/reward guys for the browns. the next 3 picks for the browns in no particular order should be a safety, linebacker, and donald washington.

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put madden on the game. and not for an extra $30 collector edition.

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its a good pick for madden, even if it isnt for the real life bucs

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im excited for what this will do for a variety of sports games. tennis and golf get the pub and will both be amazing most likely. but what about baseball or bowling? err fencing?

but im most stoked for the implications for tennis.