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very cool find, thanks for posting that Daryll!

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Thanks Ted. It's a start!

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I surely will Yvonne, thanks for your Facebook message and thanks for stopping by!

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Hey look at that.

Three people reached back when I reached out. You made my work on the video all worth it. I've got two new friends I've met online (FIMO) and one I met a while back (ages in Internet time).

So to all of you thanks for connecting and I'll look forward to learning more from you and exploring our world together. Let me know if there's ever anything I can do to help you.

After all, friends are awfully good for that.

Cheers then!

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Hi Ami,

From the looks of it CareerBuilder isn't doing any significant job matching. Instead they're just aligning traditional searches around geographic locations and groups. Take a look here. Of course, this isn't new at all, they're just inserting their search widget in to a new location.

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Hi Ginny. Yes, I rather liked Liz Handlin\'s post as well. Thanks for stopping by.

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Norm - thanks for stopping by and contributing. Frost is beautiful and so is Johnny Bench! :-) I have not heard of Virginia Satir - I need to check her out (I like the string metaphor). Most intriguing to me is your idea of \"navigating hotlinks\" as they hit your windshield. With hotlinks are you referring to web links? I just want to make sure that I got your metaphor correctly. Your windshield as a touch screen? I will send as Linkedin invite and Shannon and I would recommend you join Facebook for social/business networking if you haven\'t already. Cheers!

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Funny that you were just calling on them! I'm not sure Jason will return your call but I suspect he'll at least have the same laugh out loud reaction that Shannon and I did just now. Cheers Mate!

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the comment. I think everyone agrees that it is about time for Yahoo! to do something to get their business going in the right direction. Same goes for newspapers. Will this change how Yahoo! fares against CareerBuilder and Monster? I believe it depends on how well HotJobs can integrate other areas of the Yahoo business (e.g. local search, geotargeting, behavioral targeting, etc.). or example, if Yahoo! could start fully leveraging their complete media assets for employer branding, they could really clean up. Alas, Yahoo!'s well chronicled recent leadership struggles (at least that's what I'd label them) are leaving them in the ring against King Kong with one arm tied behind their back. Perhaps this, and the host of small acquisitions they're making this week are a signal that they're going to play "little ball" as in the baseball analogy to win with singles and rbi's and not swinging for home runs and whiffing most of the time (ala Facebook). This is a good start for Yahoo! and the newspapers.