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What they need to do is to count tickets instead of dollars.
With the extra charges for 3D and imax, it is comparing
apples and oranges...
I'm certain that K-A sold more tix than ...Dragon !!!

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"Clash of the Titans" is a 3D adventure with plenty of action, fighting, special effects, and foreground music. Tells the story of Perseus who is half-man, half-god and is grown before he learns of his heritage. He is the only one who can save mankind. A so-so remake.

GRADE = "B-"

Thanks, Michelle, for sponsoring the screening.
NOTE : Was not shot in 3D. Like Alice in W., the 3D was added on after Avatar made so much money...

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"Hot Tub Time Machine" is the story of a trio of friends who by accident go back to 1986 along with a nephew in a hot tub. They must re-live events in order to return to the present. There is foul language, nudity, and sexuality along with a loud soundtrack.

GRADE = "B-"

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"How to Train Your Dragon" is a rousing animated story about a Viking boy and his (pet) dragon. The boy is the only child of the leader who is disappointed that his son is different. You'll meet a wide variety of dragons in this colorful and dazzling adventure. Might be too intense for small children.

GRADE = "A-"

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"She's out of your League" is a sex comedy about a gawky man who is more than surprised to find that a beautiful, sexy woman is interested in him. A good cast provides a foul-mouthed, raunchy, outrageous, and funny film.

GRADE = "B+"

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"Shutter Island" is a long thriller that keeps you on your toes as you follow a man trying to uncover the truth at a prison mental institution. It is 1954 on an island in Boston harbor and there appear to be secret experiments being performed on the inmates. Watch for a surprising cameo.


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"From Paris with Love" is a moronic film with a bald John Travolta and is an early candidate fo the next
batch of Razzies. The last word of the title should be changed to "Violence". Primarily rip-offs of other


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Good to hear that you did not lose your power.

I just cancelled my ticket for Valentine's Day tomorrow night - no way I'm going to be able to get there.

Been doing a lot of shovelling.

Hope to watch " 8 1/2 " tonight and see how much "Nine" is like it.

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If you missed Michelle's CH 8 appearance, you can see it by going to


on the "HOME" line look for Local shows
put your cursor on that and on the drop down menu click on Let's Talk Live. When that page comes up, look on the right for the entry with Michelle's name. Clcik on that, once the picture starts click on it to enlarge. Enjoy Michelle's comments...

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Show delayed until 1 pm because of MD Gov. speech...