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Most would be Music, what I sync with sugar sync is important documents and books.

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Ohh I might have to wait...And here I was all ready to get a Samsung 10.1 or Asus Transformer.

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Didn't hear about the Flyer update...knowing HTC though vNext of Android will already be out. I forgot about the Notion Ink digitizer. I originally loved that. if they got it out a little sooner....

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I'd like a smaller 8.9 inch screen. But the real thing for me is a digitizer. I was really disappointed HTC went with Sense and Android 2.3 for their tablet. I'll wait and see what other tablets have the ntrig digitizers. That to me is what a tablet is all about, taking notes.

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I think new tablets NEED a stylus like this. HTC should not have put 2.2 or 2.3 on it though. Drop Sense and make good widgets and software to differentiate themselves.

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I hope this comes to Sprint. I want to upgrade my Hero but I'm afraid if I get a Epic or Evo some dual core phone will come out a week later.
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So the networks want to give me yet another reason to hate them and look for alternatives...Fine. They are only shooting themselves in the foot.

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Sprint / Hero for currently available.
Can't beat Sprint's plans.

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Keep it of course!

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It's a bummer. If anything they should hire LevelUpStudio to do more and add them to HTC's website.