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It is hard to imagine that anyone today seriously doubts just how far from the Constitution the Federal Government has strayed, and how necessary it is that these incursions on State Sovereignty, and effectively, on the freedoms and liberty of our citizens, be turned back and revoked.

The Constitution is adequately clear on the importance of the States being able to nullify Federal Actions which usurp powers not granted to the Fed's. This power is essential to maintaining a truly free society. The problem is only that the States have not exercised their powers of nullification to the extent they were required. As the founders said, it is easier to not rock the boat and cause significant disturbances in our society, than to go after the perpetrators of usurpation. But, it is also wrong, and harmful, and this shameful lack of backbone has already cost us dearly.

The final word is in the Declaration of Independence, which clearly states that the Federal Government's primary responsibility is to "maintain the Rights of the People to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness". If the Federal Government fails in this responsibility, it can and must be replaced by the People, who have ultimately the supreme authority. The authority of the States is one of the best means of exercising the people's authority.

Jesse M. Townsley, Jr.
York, PA