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Sigh, story of my week, working on this SP/sql job that never completes and despite mostly development's responsibility I am the one doing it, and I have done all I can without understanding the entire story. Then they expect DBA's to do magic..... this one DB they were working with make the job run 19 hours instead of 6 minutes, what gives...

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Can't wait. Something exciting, enough of this stock market sadness every day :-(

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Let me be the first to comment and say I love the idea (free is always good) and this is a good tool for ANY DBA
There are many similar products out there (SQLPing, SQLRecon, etc...) but I like this one the best (automatically found multiple domains from DNS)

Did not know about PowerGUI, so testing that as well, and bookmarked!

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Well written, I really liked the second last point "management report". It made the DBA's presence felt and is a good approach to "slowly" convince management to put more faith in us

I laughed at the last point though. I don't have enough $$ to buy a big enough drive to copy the backups, and I can't get into data centers either to copy