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Yeah, I would say it is the same. Do you have any programming projects? Why not try doing both design and development as a way to practice.

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@Robleh: I agree. I really like the way Paper for iPad does it. They have a video that is clearly optional but does a great way of illustrating the gestures because folks can see it being used in-context.

@Karl: agreed except that I think both are true. Your first iteration should be based on users and then validated by users. On the other hand, in order to innovate we need to build something that users don\'t necessarily even know they want or need so we take their feedback but also need the freedom to think creatively.

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Samo: see the update I recently posted. I think these things are worth talking about but not being dogmatic about. I hope my article didn't give the impression that I was against innovation in UI. I wanted to point out the downsides of the walkthrough to teach UI in the hopes that we would innovate not just on the UI but in the way that we teach it. In some cases a great walkthrough is the most straightforward solution but it definitely has drawbacks.

Ben: completely agree. The designer of Rise told me that they tried alternative techniques to teach users to use the app but at the end of the day users did better with a walkthrough. In my usability testing, walkthroughs can have their own frustrations and confusing elements and I tend to discourage them but I agree that we need to continue to experiment and validate and iterate with user feedback.

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Hey Thiago, I\'m really sorry I missed this earlier. My comment system is kind of messed up.

I\'m glad the article inspired you!

The nice thing about the App Store is that as someone from Brazil, you have very little disadvantage than people living in the US. I\'m not from Silicon Valley so I know this. I do most of my networking online via Twitter, blogging, etc. If you can afford to come to WWDC at some point, you can meet lots of great people there.

Hmm, well I think you are off to the right start. Reading articles like mine and others from the developer community will give you a good idea about what it takes to be successful. Continue to be involved in that conversation on blogs and Twitter because we are learning more every day.

Second, just start. If you think you have the design skills needed, start designing your first project. If you need help with the design or programming, try to find someone else who is passionate about the part you are lacking in. But use that article as a guideline and just practice. If you have the proper idea of what it takes to be successful, you can aim for that as you start building apps and, even if your first app doesn\'t pan out, shooting for the ideal will eventually help you win.

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Lisa and Brandon: thanks!! We are super excited. Just one more week!

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Cool; yeah, I haven\'t had any issues yet.

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Thanks Davey!

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Thanks Jedrzej!

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As my friend David Barnard pointed out on Twitter, this also teaches us it\'s great to be in a category that gets promoted by Apple and the press every single year.

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Thanks Sergio!