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Ron, I'm a recent follower on Twitter/Facebook. I've really enjoyed your positive outlook and your insights!

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Yes! A fellow introvert who gets me. :) You're spot-on with all you've said. I can't tell you how many times someone has told me that I'm antisocial or rude because I don't "work the room" like some of my extroverted friends. I understand that I am wired to listen more than to speak. I enjoy getting to know people by hearing what they have to say. I also hate crowded rooms...I prefer smaller groups and one-one-one conversations. Thanks, Ron. This post makes me happy today!

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Nicely put, Bryan!

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Folks, let me tell you something...the beautiful voice in the video belongs to Mindy Gledhill. You should check out her website @

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Hi, everyone. I'm John, and I'm an... oops, wrong group. I, uh, live in Kansas.

If you were ever stranded somewhere, and the only thing to eat was the one vegetable you absolutely hated, what would be that vegetable?

Never have I ever gone door to door, selling vacuum cleaners or magazine subscriptions.

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About a month now. I wish I had come across it sooner. The funny stuff, the serious stuff - no epic fail here, it's all good!

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uh-mazing! I wish my collection of post-its did cool stuff like that.

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This is so good. Especially that bit about the fountains of blood. We Christians are a bloodthirsty people, aren't we?

Like you, I've experienced "the breakup", and just couldn't understand the doubts. Sure, sometimes Christianity is hard to wrap my mind around. Sure, some of the scriptures sound a little crazy. But I have experienced things that I can only contribute to a God who loves me more than I can imagine. Like vivid dreams that come to pass and very specific needs being met at just the right time. I am also in awe of the holy spirit when I see someone surrender to Jesus and live a new life, transformed! And finally, fatherhood has me looking at love differently than I have before.

Forgive the rambling, I have a 4 yr old running around the kitchen in a leotard, barking like a puppy. :) I think what I am trying to say is, while I don't understand how this whole "God thing" works or how it can be possible, I do understand what I've personally experienced.
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Oh, who buys popcorn from subway?? Weird.

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No multitasking, although I was sitting on the toilet - only because Natalie was playing on the kitchen floor. I needed someplace with decent lighting, thank you. If you'd like, I *can* post of video of me doing some bathroom business.