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Thanks for your thoughts Holywater2667!

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Really? Whose review? I'd be interested in reading something else on the book as I found it helpful...

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"I think, to change this, the Church must once again be a teaching organization." I agree, Jonathan. Discipleship is almost non-existent. Teaching the fundamentals of the Christian faith is mostly unheard-of.

In a follow-up post I'm posting tomorrow or Wed I'll argue that much of the reason we're in this juvenile boat is because Evangelicalism is largely un-creedal and disconnected from the practices of the historic Church. Not that Evangelicalism doesn't line up with the historic creeds or engage in some historic church practice (e.g. sacraments and major church holidays). By in large she is completely disconnected from the rhythms of the catholic, historic Church (lower 'c'), including the ancient creeds and historic practices.

In my view not only do we need to believe with the Church by once again become a teaching organism, we need to *practice* with the Church.

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A Evangelical Covenant Church called Renovate Church. It's a great community of people and I feel blessed to be there! How cool your first gig was in Muskegon AND they survived ;)

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Nice, Rachel! Yeah get this book. Well worth the personal areas and well worth the gift for someone in need...

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Thanks, Tejas. Not yet through the Apple Store. Though if you have the Kindle or Nook app for iPad you can buy it through either of them and read it that way...

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Thanks for your thoughtful response, Jazz. I promise to work through (most of) these soon!

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Thanks John! I hope it does generate "loads" of discussion :)

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Thanks for your words, Jason. Yes, I'm with you: I grow tired of Church bashing...from WITHIN the church. My wife said we have plenty enough people OUTSIDE the church bashing on the Bride, why do we need a voice from within? I'm all for critiquing American Christianity, but sometimes I'm just like, "enough already!"

Thanks for your comments and, yeah: wait for the rental!

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I'm not sure if he mentioned this at SXSW, but in the GR showing Miller said that it was a $1.5 million film production budget and he needed $6 mill to break even. You'd probably know how that works more than me, but that seems like a lot to try and grab as an indy film...

I also enjoyed several parts and could definitely resonate given my own baptist-eque background. It was certainly a funny, entertaining film. But I, like you, am a bit baffled at the overly positive reviews. WORLD Magazine came the closest to critically reviewing it. My group had several good things to say about it, but also several concerning things. I hoped to share some of those to help peeps better evaluate it. Glad you liked the review!