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I agree, Catarina, but even Richard Branson isn't perfect!

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I challenge the statement "Failure doesn't exist." When an engine fails because a mechanic left a wrench behind to gum up the works, that's a failure of proper maintenance. Yes, it is important to swiftly correct the mistake. But companies need to take more responsibility for their "failures," which they can cover over by downgrading them to "mistakes." Say, "Hey, we failed to service the customer and we're going to improve." Not, "We made a simple mistake and we're correcting it."

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How does a 22-year old pfc. have access to so much classified data and why did he get away with this theft and potentially a previous one without being detected?

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My parents were immigrants and quite risk averse. My father worked for the same company for 44 years. Yet, I'm an entrepreneur. People become entrepreneurs for different reasons -- not always because they want to but because of circumstances. A lot of people today are going into business for themselves because they can't find a job or the job they held is in an industry (like print publishing) that is dying. Some will find their life's work and others will return to a company as soon as they can. Each path is valid.

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It's possible the Euro crisis could destroy the European Union. Paul Krugman, the Princeton economist who writes a column for The New York Times, eloquently described the Euro crisis in a a recent column entitled "The Euro Trap." It is worth reading for more insights.

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Excellent post. I particularly liked the quote: "Nothing is impossible, the impossible only takes longer," as Churchill said. I've found that passion is a key driver. You have to love what you do. I can't say that's always been the case for me. But I'm trying to live "in the moment" and go for what I want. If not now, when?