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I agree. I currently work for a large financial services company, which is pretty hardcore on the IT lockdown so I can't even access my feed reader from work (which of course results in a huge pileup of feeds.) Like you, I now use Twitter to spot interesting information and for a select few blogs, I subscribe via email. I don't know if RSS is going away, but I don't think we'll see any more growth in that channel if it stays "as is".

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I ran across the Airblade in a movie theater in Knoxville, TN of all places. It is awesome! No touching the towel dispensers, no paper mess, and *dry* hands. Why aren't these everywhere?

I'm with you on handshaking, I wish bowing would become more common. It's such a nice gesture, plus you can't go wrong with a bow - (unlike a handshake which can turn into a battle of strength or a limp fish. ick.)

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44 is clean and classy. 58's not bad, but I think it could start looking dated (no pun intended) pretty soon.

13 years ago @ The Foodzie Blog - What is an artisan pro... · 0 replies · +1 points

Great definition! Maybe we should have more "artisan" companies in general. Who wouldn't want to work with or for a company that focused on:

1) First and foremost, high-quality, handcrafted [products? services?] that carries with it its own particular perspective about what it is. To somewhat oversimplify things, [products/services] that carry these attributes are generally made from extremely high-quality ingredients, in small batches, with a great deal of personal attention from skilled artisans. All of this usually means that these [products/services] cost much more to make than the “comparable” industrially produced [product/service].

2) Connecting consumers with their [product/service]. Where it comes from, who makes it, how it is connected to the world at large.

Yep, much more interesting than most companies. I'm definitely going to appropriate this definition. :)

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1. Agreed.
2. Amen!

13 years ago @ jbreazeale - Tumblr Quote · 0 replies · +1 points

Thanks for the post! I've been in a few situations where I would have liked to give this list to management before they started planning "team building" and "group activities".

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Next time go early and try for a burrito from the burrito lady outside of the gates. Apparently she makes the burritos by hand, from scratch, each game day and they're supposed to be great! Otherwise I'd have to second Kevin's opinion - no (decent or easily available) vegetarian food = fail!

13 years ago @ IntenseDebate Blog - Who Owns Your Comments? · 0 replies · +2 points

Commenter ownership!

Blog publishers should not be able to edit comments; only delete or accept. If minor changes needed to be made (like removing a phone number or email address), then the publisher should contact the commenter and have the commenter make the changes. As for publishers "cleaning up" grammar/spelling errors, maybe they should get back to writing/publishing and let the commenter worry about how those errors will affect "their voice."