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Republican James Comey and the "J Edgar Hoover right wing culture" at the FBI are going after Clinton to terminate her bid for the Dem Pres nomination. This will allow the GOP to face off against Sanders, a substantially weaker candidate.

Not complicated. It's hardball politics, which is to say,.... politics.

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Precisely right. There is still a powerful disincentive, an imposed "habit" of self-censorship when it comes to naming the Zionist -- and yes, Jewish -- centrality to Neoconservatism. The Zionist plan was (1) get a major power -- the British, per the Balfour Declaration -- to escort the Jews into Palestine, (2) Once there, to bulk up and arm themselves for the moment of conquest -- the 1948 "War of Independence", and then (3) by promoting American militarism, propagandizing the American people into believing in a "special relationship", and subverting the US govt through Neocon control of the executive and AIPAC control of the legislature, to maintain Israel security long term against substantial world hostility, by employing the US Military as Israel's proxy army.

The Neocons -- "Jewish Zionists of the Likudnik persuasion" -- succeeded magnificently at every turn, employing the all-too-willing American Jewish community to bankroll their subversion.

In this matter, Jewish culpability should never be glossed over. Post-holocaust, it has been the height of political incorrectness to bluntly declare American Jewish disloyalty, but that is precisely what it is. One could say -- and I frequently say it -- that the American Jewish community got hoodwinked by Zionist propaganda-slash-mythology into supporting the mistake that is Israel, but the reality is that tribal loyalty made the initial hoodwinking very easy, and the very same tribal loyalty easily transformed American Jews into supporters of Israeli interests over American interests.

The "special relationship" that Israel has with America is very much the sort of "special relationship" that Bill Cosby had with his "girl friends".

I'm an American and a Jew and I refuse complicity in- or any sort of censorship regarding Zionist criminality, and the lazy complicity in this criminality of Jewish supporters of Israel the world over.

Truth is truth.

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You're on. jrd31415 hat yahoo daht calm.

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" really didn't think I'd take that offer, did you?"

Well, your avatar is Bullwinkle, you get 111 reputation points from the Counterpunch readership, I'm not an axe murderer (though perhaps a bit of a jerk), you're not a chainsaw killer, my wife Gail is a great cook(and has relatives in New Hampshire that we could flee to if you turned out to be a jerk) , Vermont is beautiful in summer (or winter), and I fully expected to win the bet. It might have made for an interesting summer side trip, so what the hey, I added it all up and took a shot. But, as you say, you don't know me at all, and then too, when all is said and done you make no secret about being a curmudgeon.

Happy new year to you as well, my friend.

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Care for a friendly little bet.

I think Cosby's betrayal of all who admired him -- I'm one of 'em -- is so bitter and his crimes so weirdly creepy, that he will go to jail. Like I said to my wife, "The man needs to go to jail."

I have a home in Baja. It gets hot here in summer. It appears you are situated in Vermont. Nice and cool in summer. If Cosby goes to jail, I and wife get to stay at your place for two weeks in Summer. If Cosby walks, you and "friend" get to stay at my place for two weeks during the prime winter season(sport fishing: marlin, sailfish, dorado, tuna; scuba diving; kite boarding).

What say, is it a bet?

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Would they be victims of those other Jews who provoked a reaction, or would they be the victims of the folks actually carrying the torches and pitch forks,...or both?

With respect, Thomas, I've been having a tough time with this over the last 5-10 years. I keep trying to find a way to excuse my fellow Jews from responsibility/culpability, but it gets harder and harder.

Until the advent of the internet, the truth of Zionist crimes was comprehensively buried beneath the Zionist "narrative". And while "Zionist-dominated" may be just bit too strong a characterization of the US MSM, certainly in regards the Israel story, it is perfectly apt. Can we forgive the American Jewish community and the American non-Jewish community for being hoodwinked by this Zionist Kool-Aid? Yes, certainly, to a degree. But it's been twenty years now that the internet has revealed the truth. How can we still hold blameless those who have seen with their own eyes the crimes in Gaza and the West Bank, the subversion of the US govt, and who have had the truth available to them online? It is one thing entirely to be ignorant and saturated with a self-serving and self-satisfying tribal fairy tale, and another to be willfully resistant to an in-your-face truth that shatters these illusions. Sources such as The Hidden History of Zionism, once arcane and invisible in the pre-internet era, is now available instantly and free online.

When smart Jewish tribalists choose diligent and material support for Zionism -- which is to say complicity in Zionist crimes -- over diligent support for justice, and do it in numbers comprising a major fraction of the Jewish community, I find myself drawn to the notion that anti-Semitism, with anti-Nazism as the model, is seemingly rational and justifiable. Zionist evil has so comprehensively taken possession of the Jews that they seem enmeshed in a not-so-forced march straight to the next holocaust. I hold the Jews who actively oppose this pact for suicide-by-Goy, as innocent, the rest need to "Jew up" or face the justice that is coming.

If you arrive home to find your father raping the girl next door, the proper thing to do is to take a baseball bat to the side of his head, provide care for the girl, and then call a doctor, a good Jewish lawyer, and a good Jewish psychiatrist for dad. The wrong thing to do is to ignore the entire business, or worse, to hold the girl down and take turns.

Israel is raping the Mideast and America is helping by holding her down.

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It seems you didn't read the article.

He had no interest in doing anything to Americans until the FBI, through their informant -- persuaded him to do so. This is yet another stupid, indigent, (probably a black man, I'm guessing here, but we shall see) roped into a phony "terrorist act" by FBI fraudsters too lazy to do the work necessary to track down genuine threats ,... if there are any.

And beyond not understanding what the article says, you also don't know what you're talking about.

"As a devout muslim he believes it is his duty kill as many Americans as he possibly could..."

Total American narcissistic self-absorption -- it's always about us -- topped up with anti-Muslim Kool-Aid. Devout Muslims are not all jihadis, not even most. That's your ignorance and prejudice on display. Most Muslims, "devout" and otherwise, don't give a damn about America or Americans. It may come as a shock to you, but they are regular people with regular lives who have regular responsibilities. They do not get up in the morning thinking "Americans must die! The evil non-believers must be killed! Today I must murder Americans!"

That's just your hate-filled projection, and you should seek help for that.

Also, the article doesn't say -- but as this case progresses we will likely find out -- how much money he was offered by his FBI "ISIS representative" to carry out his "terror attack". Anyone care to guess? We could start a pool.

Also, a knife fight in a New York bar on New Years??? A person could get himself hurt trying to carry out that plan. Why not a gun? Couldn't the informant help him get a gun? Just askin'.

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This was always going to happen. Just as the destruction of Syria and removal of Assad remains the primary goal of the US/Neocon Syria regime change operation, the destruction of Iran remains the "jewel in the crown" of the Oded Yinon plan for the destruction of all of Israel's "challengers" in the Mideast.

If the sanctions relief associated with the Iran deal -- in particular the return of the $150 billion seized by the US -- is held back, I would advise the Iranians to wait quietly until the S-300's are operational and then withdraw from the NPT, kick out the inspectors, shut off the cameras, install the most advanced centrifuges in Fordo, and embark on a crash course to acquire as much weapons grade uranium as possible as quickly as possible.

Absolutely nothing short of the credible threat of nuclear annihilation will deter the Israelis from their determination to destroy Iran. And even then it's not certain, because the Israelis know that their unlimited aggression fueled by unlimited ambition must inevitably lead to their destruction by someone -- anyone -- who the Israelis don't destroy first. This is the "disease" of psychopathic overreach that has been the Jews' fatal flaw for five-thousand years.

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The Neocon/AIPAC Zionists will never back off. It is not in their nature and it does not serve their agenda. And with weakling sell-outs -- ie establishment wanna-bees -- like Obama, or deep state Neocon tools like Hillary, or any of the bought-and-paid-for Israeli-occupied Congress, the Jewnited States of Israel will continue the "special relationship": US blood to the last drop and US treasure to the last dollar for shjtty little Israel.

Why is it that lately, when I hear of the US/Israel "special relationship", I can't help thinking of Bill Cosby?

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Erdogan kills his own people, the Kurds. (I don't wish to legitimize Neocon regime-changer crime, but as you may recall, the "he kills his own people" trope has been used, cynically if not criminally, to demonize -- in order -- Saddam, Gaddafi, and Assad, which charge was then used to justify the criminal invasion and utter destruction of first Iraq and Libya, and now Syria. And never forget that all of this was done in accord with the Yinon plan on behalf of Israel, and executed by the US, itself subverted by a Neocon/Zionist fifth column. Surprise! Surprise! the Jews are behind all the suffering and violence and destruction in the Mideast. A cliche perhaps, but true nonetheless.)

The long history of oppression of the Kurds in Turkey fits identically the mold of minority oppression by an authoritarian regime. As does the even more severe Israeli oppression of the Palestinians, and the American oppression of its African-American minority. Of course these latter three examples of systematic regime violence against its own citizens (or, in the case of Israel vs the Palestinians, against an occupied people) are cases of "white hat" violence, and so not to be noticed or mentioned.

Let me mention it. Turkey should be partitioned. The Kurdish region should be liberated from Turkish criminal oppression, and made independent. The Turkish regime has proven itself unwilling if not incapable of justly governing its Kurdish population, and consequently should have its authority over that region and its peoples revoked. Turkey should pay the price for its criminality.

Suck on that, demir.