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Kyle, generally you can't buy tickets for one or two sessions, but I don't know if they have day passes.

We publish a listing a social media and marketing events on the first of the month. Here's our yearly calendar:

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Oracle just bought Collective Intellect.

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Chris, I'm wondering if Google has been shut out in some cases. Certainly no business reason for Facebook or Instagram to support G+.

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Eric, it didn't detect my platform too. It took about 2 seconds for me to enter my own blog's platform. Did you try that?

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Bob, beautifully put. Love this comment especially: "Now the orderliness is no longer a means, it's the end." As Facebook turns its attention to profits, rather than to its users, we'll be seeing more and more of this attempt to structure the data instead of fostering spontaneity.

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Great post, Chris. Especially like the approach you set out of salespeople who need to server rather than strictly sell. The best salespeople always took expansive view of their roles, but now it's become mission-critical to their employers as well.

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Good tips, Chris. And we writers all too often forget that the lessons we've learned over time can be readily adopted by bloggers who haven't been churning out copy for years. For me, I rarely get writer's block (although there were certainly days when I was writing my thriller in the '90s), but I do struggle to find the time to write even short blog posts these days. You should see my to-do story list!

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David, well said. I think generalizations are rarely true.

One thing I've seen in the past two years is that more companies are taking advantage of the techniques of journalism and social media to communicate more effectively with their customers. To tell their own stories (by themselves or with an outsider's help). It strikes me that that serves everyone's best interests.

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Excellent points, Fred. I agree, folks don't realize the import of what's changing here.

I also agree it's motivated by revenue demands. Perhaps Facebook can monetize users' personal histories in a way that has eluded up to now.

The question is, will that be in users' interests, or just Facebook's?

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As the article makes clear, I've never complained about the zillion Facebook design changes that came before. But the numbers are the numbers -- people aren't happy about this latest iteration -- and I think they have a point. The question is, will Facebook listen to its members?