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Thanks for the HT and the link! Keep up the great work (and great blogging)!

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There's a reason I always tend to DJ... I'm not a good dancer ;-)

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Understood. I don't think you intentionally set out to fool anyone.

I know it was user error on my part.

I don't usually read all the description before I download things.

This is all the typical user will see in iTunes: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20649916/screenlock.gif

So unless you go and read through everything after clicking more you don't see the rest.

Not complaining - just offering observations.

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It seems to me that this wording is a bit "questionable" or at least easy to be misunderstood:

* Added ability to generate a new image on startup. Just turn Auto-Start on in the settings

My first impression was that the image would auto-generate on its own (nothing else needed).
Then I thought well perhaps "on startup" means when I power the phone off and on.
Then I realized "on startup" means when you go back into the app.

So if you want to open the app several times a day, and save the new image as your wallpaper each time, you can keep the "current" weather conditions on your lock screen. Otherwise, the info is outdated within a couple hours.

(and you end up with a lot of extra image files on your phone)

I would suggest clarifying the language or maybe removing the "current" weather feature. It seems pointless to include if you have to go through those several steps to keep it "current." A forecast - not as big of an issue in my mind as it's forecasting several days out.

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Would love to see the custom URL format so I can use TweetPress from desktop clients like Tweet Deck

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I think I'd get claustrophobic in something like that - and/or just spend a lot of time outside my apartment and just use the space for sleeping and not much else.

I wonder if this might be a possible idea to help with homelessness. It's not the "ideal" situation for most, but could offer an affordable place where you can find some security, a warm place to sleep at night and a safe place to store your things.

My recent post The art of faking it

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Something else I've noticed... when the photos get posted, the times are way off.

I just posted a photo and it says "About 6 hours ago."

I'm guessing there's a weird time zone setting somewhere - since we're 6 hours behind GMT.

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totally understand! would love to see it built into TweetDeck as well - I've made the suggestion for it on their site.

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A great plugin!

I've been thinking about/wanting to move all my photos (5000+ on Flickr) to my WordPress install but haven't made that jump yet... but this is another great way for me to get control over my content and drive traffic to my site.

Any chance you might add a feature for audio or video in the future?