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If you think one airport for belfast will bring a great facility and rail link think again. You can look forwards to a building that is never updated and one airline charging big money to fly to where it wants to. Loss of competition only benifits the one who has the monopoly

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"we see Dublin for long-haul flights as effectively the long haul airport for the island"
So there you have it another airline has no plans for International flights from the "International"

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About time too. Investment brings trade to our land.And new European connections are what we need not just bucket and spade flights

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Interesting people are more interested in taxies than the noise. Maybe not many readers of the Tele are bothered.

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When the Dublin train comes in at Central. there is a rank system filled with taxies. 20 all waiting for unknown amount of journeys. Why not same system at airport?
Maybe residents objecting again?

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Amsterdam would be a great service from Belfast
I think it would be popular with quite a few.

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Interesting that these new routs come at the expense of existing routes and schedules.
I believe Manchester and Birmingham will stop on Saturdays and Liverpool will reduce during the week.
Eggs in one basket again
Any wonder why they need outside help to keep down competition.

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I would set aside at least £30million to buy one. But could be buy 3 get one free. It's a weird and secretive world buying aircraft.

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Green electric yes. But at the cost of wildlife no.
Turbines are the answer for this area but not something that will damage the sea life.

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iI's not the Peace bridge in Derry you know. It is however a welcome extension to our cycle lanes. However as the park closes at sunset in the winter and the gates close at weekends on the harbour estate you have to wonder how many will or can use it. The only thing I will be thinking of as I cross it is will I get back home the same way.