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I am a college instructor, and I have a very strong rule about not changing out of pajama pants unless absolutely necessary...

It's amazing how many of your daily chores you can conduct in pajama pants without anyone noticing/caring

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" Have YOU ever seen a film where an actor’s performance was enthralling, captivating and through provoking, but you still hated the movie?"

Gangs of New York: Daniel Day Lewis was so freaking good as Bill The Butcher he deserved to win 12 Oscars for every second he was on screen. So many people talk about how the truly terrifying villain is the one who firmly believes that he is the hero, and I have personally never seen that concept captured more magnificently than by Day Lewis in that role.

But the actual experience of watching that film-of enduring the plodding pace and the horrible accents attempted by sub-DDL actors-is so nut-shrivellingly bad that I will likely never get to enjoy that magnificent performance again.

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I just want to know how much you want for one of those tardis fezzes.

Because I will pay all of the dollars